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Wiki Page usage scenarios

. is useful whenever multiple people need to work together on a digital document in real time. Listed below are some of the usage scenarios where can be applied and used:

Meeting Minutes

Collaboratively jot down meeting minutes

Every meeting can be recorded by creating a note for each. Members of the meeting can collaboratively make notes and jot down next steps. enables more efficient meetings along with more useful meeting notes

event planning

  1. Plan events with the team
    1. Any kind of events can be planned u
  2. sing - product release, updates, launch events etc.. Team members can add the points for the agenda of the event, decide on the location and time of the event and create a list of members who would be participating all in real time. You can also share the note with external users from your network and invite them to participate.

Conduct interviews

The combination of along with the syntax highlighting and voice chat can be a great way to conduct interviews. (suggested by Adomas)

Live feedback in conferences

Gather feedback on presentations



Collaboratively edit documents

Draft and edit documents with colleagues



Brainstorming on ideas

Brainstorm ideas



Brainstorm and reach consensus

Discuss and reach concensus on a business document



Conference calls

Take notes during conference calls



Task planning

Plan weekly tasks with the team - is the new whiteboard



Meeting agenda

Collaboratively build a meeting agenda on a note



Save passwords

Save list of passwords and sites they belong to in a protected note