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Changelog for maintenance release of

Another release has been made to the 2.0.4 version stream. Newly incorporated in this release are the following:

  1. New screens for:
    1. Login, Logout, forgot password, etc.
    2. Styled application screens for:
      1. Blog view
      2. Gallery
      3. Calendar
      4. Event
      5. Web Link
      6. Space Home
      7. Sharing tab
      8. Contents tab
      9. Search results screen
      10. Improved paging controls
      11. branding is now prominently visible in site setup screen (Only available to site admins)
    3. Item metadata screen shows detailed item information beneath every view
  2. Site Logo is now configurable via My -> site setup -> site logo (Only available to site admins)
  3. Full browser mindmap is now linked and available from the left bar
  4. Space Workflow changes
    1. When a new space is created, the creating user is auto-added in sharing tab, with full rights


Release notes for maintenance release
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sgpavi92 Feb 06, 2013 03:47 AM
can you give clear view how to setup workflow