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v1.3.2 release announcement


April Week 5 Actual Release (v1.3.2)

Status: Complete


Schedule Planned Actual
Start Date: 22 April 2008 22 April 2008
Release Date: 28 April 2008 28 April 2008
Duration: 5 working days 5 working days


Completed Goals :

  • Improve current Applications (Partial -> Calendar views and functionality have been completed)

Key Features & Improvements:

  • New Applications:
    • Folder, Space now only allows applications to be added not end application items (You can't add a Wiki Page to a Space anymore, for example)
    • Calendar application encompasses Event type and provides new views
    • Generic Container provides functionality for adding any kind of item
    • File Repository is a new container for holding files.
  • Improve navigation and UI usability - in svn is an All Spaces menu, this missed the release bus but will be present in the next release.
  • Provide notifications for events - Email notifications are now sent to users whenever items are added, modified or undergo workflow state modification.

All Enhancements & Fixes:

  • New / Enhancements
    • All Spaces navigation - incomplete, will be submitted in next release.
    • Provide remaining Application folders (only containers, no custom views):
      • Calendar - complete
      • File Repository - complete
      • Generic Container - complete
      • Change the existing Folder application to allow addition of only Applications, current Folder functionality will be available in Generic Container - complete
    • Provide Email Notifications for common events - complete
    • Icons for top tabs, and new applications, etc. - complete
  • Fixes / Verification
    • Verify working automated Data backup solution & data preservation by upgrading existing intranet deployment - complete
    • Fix permissions related issues on earlier release - complete
    • Kupu toolbar buttons customization - not done. Moved to next release

Noticable changes

New items created anywhere will now default to private - only visible to the creator.
Release notes for v1.3.2 release completed on April 28th 2008
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