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Upgrade 3.x Community Appliance


This how-to describes how to upgrade your appliance from an old 3.x version to a new one. has an automatic forward migration of content that will take your content and upgrade it so that everything in the new version works properly with it.

All of this guide will focus on working with the webmin appliance management interface. This is a web based management interface to be used for managing the Computer where server is installed.

Go to Webmin interface

Navigate to https://<your sitehost OR IP address>:10000

You will have to accept the https warning that your browser will show because the administration interface is protected with HTTPS but the certificate is self-signed. This is normal. Once the login screen appears, login with the root user whose password you set up during the CD install.


Once you login, you will see the appliance status dashboard screen.


Do NOT upgrade the Webmin interface even if the link to do so is visible and present for you on the dashboard. This link will be removed in the future. Only install upgrades exactly as shown below. Clicking the link will product unpredictable results.

Navigate to System -> Software Packages

This is the web based software package manager that is provided with the Web based appliance management interface. This is where you will find and install new upgrades on to the system.



Check if an upgrade is available

Change Upgrade Mode to Normal and choose Yes for Only show which packages would be updated.


This will show you a simulation of what would happen if you actually performed the upgrade, you'll get to see what all packages will be installed. If "cynin" is one of them, there's a version update available for you! If you look closer you will see what version and interation of the package will be installed.


Wait! Let's take a manual backup of the data file first

Navigate to Others -> File Manager. This is a Java applet which will let you see and manage the full directory structure and files on your server.


Navigate to /home/cynin/buildout/var/filestorage as shown, and select the Data.fs file and press the Save button. This will let you download the Data.fs file from your server. This is the main Data file for your installation. It's the most important file on the system and if you need to manually restore your site on a new computer this is the only file you will need.


This is important! You must backup your Data.fs file prior to installing the upgrade. The upgrade installation will attempt an automatic backup as well, but if this fails for any reason, or something goes drastically wrong, you can use the thus downloaded Data.fs file for fully resurrecting your site.

Back to the Software Packages screen. Let's install for real, this time

Go back to System -> Software Packages and choose Normal upgrade mode and this time, choose No for "Only show" radio button and press the Upgrade now button.



The update will start to download and you can sit back and watch the progress.


There will be a lot of scroll and there will be a lot of syntax errors, warnings and other oddities shown.
This is normal. Yes, I know, this is weird. :)

But really it's not that bad. Plus the extra verbose log lets us help you if / when there's a problem.
In case you're worrying, or you need to troubleshoot problems by comparing with what the "normal" case is, consult this output dump for reference installation.

If you're more comfortable with the linux command line console you can do this upgrade by typing out the usual at the # prompt:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade


After an agonizingly long wait, you should see the above screen telling you the package was installed successfully. This is good. Now you get to test if your upgrade was received and all is fine. Do this by navigating to your normal site URL, which will remain the same http://<your sitehost or IP address/ and verifying that the upgrade did indeed "take". :)

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