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Steps to perform on your new site before first use


Step 1: Set the siteadmin & Zope admin password

The siteadmin password is by default set to secret. This means that anyone who knows this fact can easily take over your new site if you don't change this password to something more secure. This will also mean that you will be forced set up the full name and email of the siteadmin user, which is also a good thing.
Also be sure to update the Zope admin user.  This accounts password by default is also secret.  To update this account, use the guide here: HowTo: Change admin password of Zope instance user

Step 2: Set the default mail sender settings

Logged in with siteadmin, from the Manage menu select Site Setup. Then click on the Mail configlet link. This will open up the mail configlet screen. The first tab in this screen, which is "Mail server" allows you to configure an SMTP server to be used to send mail that is outbound from the site. By default the server address is set to localhost and the smtp port is set to 25. This is usually good enough and does not require changing.

In the Mail sender tab, the From name and the From email address can be configured. The name is set by default to Site Administrator and the from email address is by default set to donotreply@localhost. It is very important to set the from email address to a full domain name based one, that you know to work. For example you could set it, etc.
Note: If you are using Firefox's save password feature, it automatically fills in the ESMTP username and ESMTP password fiels with the default saved username and password for you site, thinking that this is a login form. DO NOT save the settings with these values filled in unless you know them to be required - these 2 fields are for SMTP servers which require authentication to send email and this is typically not true for Cynapse deployments.

Step 3: Set the site logo, name and short description

This promotes a good sense of ownership to the users' and takes very little time to set up.


A list of steps that must be performed on a new site to prepare it prior to usage.
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