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Stacker Alpha 23 - 25


What's new?

Auto update mechanism: desktop now automatically checks and informs when a new version is available. To show you the experience, I'm giving you an AIR file which is version 23, when you install and run it, it will detect version 25 (which is online) and prompt you to install that.

Note: There is no physical difference between version 23 and 25.

Download version 23 from here.

Full Changelog

x Fix minimize with item selected bug.
x Disable directinput paging, for now.
x Tiles click-again to close is not working.

x Search textbox lose focus problem.
x Search text box not getting emptied on cancel button.
x Search cancel button doesn't work after the first time.
x New update mechanism
x New update window to confirm update.
x First test of auto-update, more fixes to come.

Release notes for Desktop alpha 23 thru 25
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