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Stacker Alpha 22


What's new ? Stacker is now minimizable. Just click on the taskbar (not the system tray) entry for desktop and the app will minimize - so now there's a way to get that collapsed tab out of the way when you need to. More on this when we do a new option for "Stay always on top".

A new deployment URL:

Do NOT use the old Intranet way - that version is old and the page will not be available in some time.


Full Changelog

x Fix state changing happening in search's detail view. Sate was changing to expanded, we now have a separate state so that we can faithfully show the number of search results.
x When detail view is loading, stacker label should show Fetching data... in both update and search
x Search cancel button is broken.
x Allow minimize in the resize handler
x Make window minimizable
x Change commented action title to Discussed
x Expanded in search results shows "Activity stream"
x Comment body textareainput field does not clear when a comment is canceled.
x Remove the Could not load errorstring on image (this was fixed earlier but got skipped to be logged).
x Search should not lose focus when backspaced
x Keyboard shortcut for Add Message: Ctrl + M
x Keyboard shortcut for change detail view tabs: Ctrl + I

ReFactor of underlying system (No visible changes)

x Renamed commonTile to BaseTile
x Moved search tile codebase implementation to basetile
x Moved updatetile codebase implementation to base on BaseItem

Release notes for Alpha 22 of Stacker
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