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Stacker Alpha 21


What's new

Keyboard shortcuts, a ton of them. Most everything except tab changing, comment add, and always on top toggle is implemented. Refer to Keyboard shortcuts for desktop

Full Changelog

x Hide pager number labels when there is no pages?
x Handle 0 input in DirectInput of Pager
x  Search keyboard shortcuts
x  Escape keyboad shortcuts
x Page Navigation shortcuts (pgup & pgdown)
x Automatically take focus when page changes or state changes, so that keyboard handling is available. Example: stacker shows when new activity happens - Escape will hide it, otherwise that can't be made to work.
x Fix state changing happening in search's detail view
x Add up / down keyboard navigation  for updates as well as search. The open detail view is based on delay timer. Timer is currently hardcoded to 500 millisec. Option can be given for this, later.
x Actually tested and fixed to work on the mac OS/X.

Release notes for Alpha 21 of the Stacker
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