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Stacker Alpha 13


What's new?

A new option: Show on new Activity. What this does is, whenever there's a new item added or someone updates an item, the stacker shows automatically. Default for this option is on.

A whole lot of fixes and improvements. You'll particularly note less flickering and the app will feel more solid. Read the full changelog to know more or you can ask me directly.

Do a data reset

Please do a click on reset and login again to see if the problem or issue you're seeing is a left over from stored data from the previous release. This is particularly true for things like logins and passwords. I recommend that for this release you do a reset anyway, when you first begin to use this release, just to be sure.

Full Changelog

x Don't show tiles till their maal is fully fetched from server
x Solve full width window-flash bug by not showing vbox till maal is loaded
x Show current activity in stacker label when doing something
x Solve bug where autopop shows even for my own update, in case of update
x Fix cached image problem in mac
x Reset options is not updating the UI immediately.
x Reset options should log out the guy immediately?
x Saving of password doesn't work !? (Weirdness in EncryptedStore)
x Solved problem with tab labels in tab navigator not resizing properly (View|Discuss would show as Vi..)
x Add tabnavigator to options tab in preperation for more options.
x Wire pop on new activity with new option  :)
x Make pop on new activity happen only when the performer is not current user
x Sorting problem with latest item not at top of stack
x Solve bug where the search results count was no longer showing.
x Searching text shows the value of the previous search instead of the current one.
x Solved search cancel bug: When search was canceled without selecting a search result, and there was an update item selected previously, the selected item would remain selected upon cancel but the state was not being set to expanded. Now, the item does not stay selected upon cancel.
x Logged out auto-logs back in - now passing ALL state changes through a central function that ensures staying of logged out.
x Full width window-flash bug still occurs during search and even cancel search
x Implement hasloaded in tiles to prevent even the slightest blinking
x Search Rank should have %
x PageChanging when search has selected item causes Boom.
x PageChanging when search has selected item causes "expanded" state during load.
x Possible to click tongue in logged out mode.
x Possible to cause tongue click from menu in logged out.
x Menu labels go out of sync.
x Log out should say username
x Show current user somewhere?

Release notes for version 13 of Desktop 1.0 alpha
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