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tomin Dec 22, 2009 06:23 PM
Porting plone products? Hi, I really like and have been developing for plone for some time. Is there an easy way to add custom products to and have them appear in the new application windows?

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dhiraj Dec 22, 2009 08:28 PM
There's not a "defined" way yet, no. :(

The backend oriented products are easily added, but adding products with UI and content types is a bit more involved.

So the short answer is "it depends".

Everyone, please continue doing exactly what @tomin did after posting this discussion. Bookmark Plone products that interest you, in the Developers Space, just like we're doing. Use the bookmarklet for this, select a bunch of text and the bookmarklet will auto add it into the new bookmark. The Developers Add Link Bookmark is available from the left sidebar at this URL:

Like + Comment on the bookmarks that you like. Add / Edit the appropriate tags as well. If something about Plone or *really* interests you, then tell us more about what that interest is! I'd love to help out where I can, if pointers, or assistance is required. If possible we can together work out changes required and submit them as patches into ODN or back to the original developers, and other people can also utilize it.