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rick_t Jan 17, 2010 09:15 AM
Plone add-ons

Sorry if this post is in the wrong space but I was hoping there's a non-developer solution to this :)

Basically, there's one particular Plone add-on for dropdown menus ( that I think is really nifty. Is it possible to add this (and other) Plone product to a instance (created via the software appliance method) via a buildout or other means ? Thank you.
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dhiraj Jan 19, 2010 10:17 PM
Hmm... you could try adding it, but I doubt it will work. The UI is completely re-done in so the problem with adding "normal" plone addons to is that they'll typically just not show up.

Adding a drop down navigation menu for Space navigation is a matter of knowing the base folderish structuring we do out of the default install, and knowing plone theme-ing quite deeply. We actually had a click and drop down menu navigation, earlier in 2.x version series of, but we found that users were actually more comfortable with getting an actual visual representation of where they were in the Space hierarchy from the left navigation that we have currently. One thing we're looking to do in the near future is to "ajaxify" the Space navigation UI on the left, this will basically show up with + signs next to the Space names, and clicking the + sign will expand it in-place, while clicking the Space title will navigate to it.

Adding of plone products: "backend" products (those that have little / no UI and no content content types of their own) are usually easily added, an example of a backend product would be an authentication plugin like LDAP or onetimelogin. But products with heavy content types usage - like take Plone Help Center for example are.... problematic.
knylander Nov 10, 2010 07:36 PM
When you say they are problematic, could you give more details? I'm trying to add Plone Help Center and have the content archetypes in the Zope back end but no luck getting the types to show up in