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HowTo : Use Discussions in

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dhiraj Jul 14, 2009 09:09 AM
1. Never scroll with the mouse wheel when you're recording, instead, take the mouse to the scrollbar and drag the scroll thumb. If you use the mouse wheel, the viewer doesn't figure out that you're scrolling but instead just sees the view panning by.
2. The click on the "here" on the portal message that the discussion was added happened too fast, viewers will not figure out that you clicked that message.
3. The typing in the add discussion could be speedened up a bit, it's too slow to watch.
4. Use callouts to tell viewers what you're doing - that way the user is kept in the loop, and will understand easier.
5. Sometimes zooming too much inside (example: The click here link in the portal status message for the successful discussion added message) is not good. It is disconcerting, plus the view becomes too blurred.
apurva Jul 18, 2009 11:58 AM
Don't like it much... Too fast in some areas and too much pause in some.

I disagree with dhigu about the typing being slow, i think the typing is fine, but the content of the discussion is horrible! we should use interesting content .... maybe from widgets inc

Also i think the vid should be should be followed up with another user seeing it in the activity stream, clicking on it and replying.... and then we show a thread with a LOT of comments in them.... so basically take a page scroll from the widgets inc site for the last set of frames.
viraf Jul 20, 2009 07:56 AM
apurva you are seeing v2 of the video, the typing was slow in the v1, which was improved in the v2
dhiraj Jul 21, 2009 08:13 PM
Better. Much better.

1. When you log in with Tina, and click on the comment portlet, try zooming out first fully to show the whole page, and then zoom into the comment, instead of zooming to your target for posting the comment first and then simply panning up and down.

2. You should probably use the transition effects on the title clips, it'll look cool.

3. The annotations will help - if you say that "Now logging in as Tina", and now using the desktop client, as [whoever] it will help.

4. The typing could be faster.

5. You could show the nested commenting off.

6. Give users an overview of the whole commenting system - a: show them the flat / threaded view
- b: show off commenting directly in list
- c: comment with the desktop client and press the refresh button to show that the new comment appears.
- d: Wrap it all up saying that this same commenting principle applies on all the content types, quickly walk through comments on most of the content types. They should realize that it's a common commenting system, and that should be their take home.
romasha Jul 22, 2009 09:39 AM
Awesome work Viraf!

Its smooth, speed is good and the combination of the discussion on the web and desktop is excellent.

Some feedback the I would like to put up:

a. The video has no voice, so the user has to really concentrate on what you are doing. Annotations would really help in doing the talking for you. Like "click on the Start new discussion", "Choose the space you want to add this discussion to" etc.

b. Once you click on the detail view of the discussion, you also need to show the Space that you added it in. So the zoomed in view is not comfortable there.

c. The desktop view is cool, but that too needs annotations. Also, when you choose the discussion, it should be a little lower in the list, so when you add the reply, it will bubble up to the top.

d. When you switch back from the desktop to the web view, I think you should directly jump to the activity stream and not show the comments on the home page. The home page is a dashboard and people can choose to remove the comments from there completely. Instead, we should do the comments in the Activity steam. Also, since you have shown the detail view initially, you don't need to repeat it again. Do something like someone else comments on that comment, you hit the refresh button and the new comment appears. (Don't show someone else commenting, just refresh). Adding a comment from the Activity stream is fun, so we should highlight that.

e. And finally, like Dhiraj mentioned above, the typing speed can be a little faster, like in v2 of this video. (This is v3?)

apurva Jul 27, 2009 12:54 PM
More feedback:
1. Increase the speed of the text entry ... make it go as if someone is typing at 120wpm .... i'd imagine u could increase it to 4x or 5x

2. There are Areas, for eg. where you log in to the desktop just to show that the messages have come in, you show it by moving the mouse over the comments... instead, annotate and write something there. So essentially annotate a little more.

3. Need to demo Threaded discussions too.

As a side note, its highly unlikely that the boss does not understand the value of wireframes where as all employees are gungho about it :) its usually the other way round! (of course i am not saying u change it in the vid)