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HowTo: Connect to as WebDAV share from Ubuntu


If you wish to connect to the Server as a WebDAV share from ubuntu (mine 9.04) and wish to give your system access as local one. After this set up it’s meant to work for any application that works on that webdav directory files just the same as they would on the local (read: hard drive) file system. Reference to the original tutorial

Steps to configure

  1. Install davfs2 package (you might use Synaptic instead)
    $ apt-cache search davfs2
    davfs2 - mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system
    $sudo aptitude install davfs2 
  2. Reconfigure the package since it needs to run SUID if normal users should be able to use it:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2
  3. Confirm to SUID davfs2 select a user group, e.g. “davfs2″
  4. Make a mount point, i.e. a directory where the “file system” is hung into (directory webdove in a subdir of your home):
    mkdir ~/mnt/webdove 
  5. To testmount use something like (use quotes to tell bash to keep it’s hands off it):
    sudo mount.davfs 'http://domain.tld/path' /path/to/webdove
    You will be prompted for user and password use your credentials
  6. To allow regular users access I could only find a way where one needs to touch /etc/fstab to add a line like this one:
    http://domain.tld/davath /path/to/webdove   davfs   user,rw,noauto   0   0
    Now any user can do mount mount /path/to/webdove and umount /path/to/webdove
Comments (1)
weceq Jan 22, 2010 12:54 AM
I have a problem with getting files via WebDav -- I can mount the server location and see the files and folders, but I can't open or copy any of them. I get an error "No such file or directory". I've also tried to connect with nautilus but then every file that I get is the html code of the login page, although file names are correct. It looks like problem with caching credentials but I don't know how to hadle it.

Does somebody has an idea?