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szchevis Mar 27, 2011 02:24 AM
Hi Folks,
I'm new to and my first impression is that it is a great product, very well developed and very robust as well. Can you help me to better understand which is actually the public that can take more benefit of it? Can you help me to see some real usage cases, I mean would you cite some examples of companies that already use it and what they use it for?

Thank you all.
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offray Mar 27, 2011 07:17 PM
Hi Szchevis,

I have been using it for "e-learning" from the perspective of communities of practice (Etienne Wenger et al) and in fact for empowering communities on different subjects: digital narrative[1], a hackerspace[2], eclectic subjects[3].


The two main advantages for me of cynin are:

* The integration in a single solution of a social web empowered knowledge management system, having wikis, blogs, microblogs, repositories (audio, files, images, videos), social tagging and punctuation. No more single solutions for only one thing, fracturing the web presence of your communities in a lot of not talking silos.

* The emergent nature of the system: you have all this social software, and is social interaction what organize the digital habitat. There are not rigid structures and that works pretty well from the perspective of communities of practice.

But you need to take into account other things about complexity:

* Interface navigation and use need to be learned or modified for your collectives. For example you don't have an easy to use "inbox" for your interactions and if information gets bigger probably you will loose track of what's going on related to you (is not the case with the inbox utility, but is not yet implemented).

* Zope/Plone/Cynin multi-layered architecture requires expertise to modify default behavior for specific needs and that kind of experience is less common that say, php. Zope is also very complex and powerful, but most of people chose other web application frameworks to learn or use because of Zope's complexity.

* Community support sometimes is superb, and some others you just don't get any answer or notice (may be your post is lost in the infoflow).

Hope this helps :-)