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chist_alex Mar 19, 2010 03:26 PM
Help me please.
I really need my list of Spaces and SubSpaces (within Spaces) to be sorted by alphabet (A to Z). How can I dot that?
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dhiraj Mar 19, 2010 05:19 PM
Currently this is not possible. As a design decision we're using an unsortable BTree based design for all Spaces that allows us to have virtually infinite number of Spaces, but sorting is not possible.

This will (supposedly) get auto-fixed in upcoming Plone major version release when we migrate to be based on that.
chist_alex Mar 19, 2010 05:54 PM
mm.. is it possible to make by cheating? like adding sorting only to Interface?
dhiraj Mar 24, 2010 01:56 PM
How many Spaces do you have? You could look at adding a jQuery client side sorting if you don't have *too* many Spaces - else it will take a long time on everyone's browsers.
ybizeul Mar 26, 2010 12:53 PM
It is not even possible to sort manually ?
chist_alex Mar 26, 2010 03:01 PM
~ 50 spaces. will be a bit more. If that's too much?
chist_alex Mar 29, 2010 09:38 AM
and how to do that if that's not "too much"?
dhiraj Apr 02, 2010 12:16 AM
Hmm... perhaps the navigation portlet output could be improved to provide an explicit ascending alphabetical sort, at each hierarchical level. Would this help solve your problem?

The way I was talking about earlier with a jQuery based client side sorting would probably cause more problems than it would solve, I fear. Like you'd have to account for not sorting nested Spaces together, for example. Upon more research with Firebug, I found that there's no easy CSS selector to get to the Spaces list specifically in that area, so this will require template modifications any way.
chist_alex Apr 02, 2010 04:29 PM
hmm.. if the Spaces in left menu will be sorted in ascending alphabetical order at each hierarchical level - that would be Great and will certainly help us.
smotola May 30, 2010 07:39 PM
I'm still a little flabbergasted at the lack of this feature. Basic 'Space' and navigation ordering - even just by alpha - is a must have requirement for a client. Has any work been done on this? Thanks in advance for update.