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Blog Post v2.0.4 announcement

. v2 is here!

The waiting is over, we've released the v2 update. This is officially version 2.0.4 and we're now working on the next release (2.0.5) which will be a finalization release for this release stream.

What's in

  • Revised Space workflow and permissions (as per this wiki article)
  • The new design theme and improved colors, styling across the product
  • Mindmaps - on a Space's home view and the site home
  • Advanced Views & Timeline View - Check out the views link on the Site home mindmap. This is the timeline view.
  • Rich editor styles - Check out the styles drop down in the rich editor and sample all the new styles (especially the Notice styles). This can be used to create wiki pages that have styles as shown in the Sample Styles Wiki page.
  • Click-to-edit has been disabled. You will no longer be able to click on the text of any item you're viewing to edit it, in place. Instead, you have to now click the edit button in the content view tabs, above. This was done as a product design decision to increase usability of the product.

What's not

  • Styling of all screens is not completely finished yet, this is planned and underway for finalization release (2.0.5).
  • 4 step Reviewed workflow for Spaces content

Current Status

  • has been upgraded to the latest release.
  • Spaces with no data have been removed
  • Space permissions have been adjusted as appropriate using Sharing tab 

All Trial sites

  • that were on the 1.3.x release have been upgraded to the latest release (2.0.4)
  • Remember to check space permissions on your trial sites and adjust in the space tab accordingly.


When you add a new space, remember to add yourself as Contributor in the sharing tab.
When you add a new space, remember to add members in the sharing tab.
Announcing the first release of the product.
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