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Welcome to the community documentation for!


This wiki is a live set of documents to help you get started with installing and using

Current Release v3.1.3 - April, 30, 2010, bug fix release
What's new in v3.1.3?

Release History

Released (Current + Stable)
Release Date
Notes v3.1.3 April, 2010 Desktop Client 1.0 .18devel November, 2009
Previous (Stable)
Release Date
Notes v3.1.1
February, 2010 v3.1
December, 2009 v3.0.5
November, 2009 Desktop Client 1.0 .18devel November, 2009 Desktop Client 1.0.Beta17
October, 2009 v2.1
November, 2008 Desktop Client 1.0 Beta 10
November, 2008

To be Released (In Development)
Release Schedule
Notes v3.2

For full Release History, see the Release Notes Page Administration Documentation 3.x


Step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a specific task in administration Administration Guide

An in-depth guide to managing and administrating your site

See the complete guide here. Internationalization (i18n)

Starting from version 3.1, supports internationalization (also known as i18n) to provide localized user interfaces to it's users, as per their choice of language. Installation & Setup Guide

A detailed screenshot tour to guide you through the installation and set-up of

See the complete guide here. Usage Documentation 2.x

User Guide

A walkthrough of's capabilities and usage

See the complete user guide here 3.x

Quick Start Guide

A quick rundown of the application interface for the first time user

User Guide

A detailed user guide and walkthrough of's capabilities and usage.

See the complete user guide here (under construction)


Step -by-step instructions on how to use 2.x

Installation Guide

A quick video guide on how to setup the Community Appliance.

Migration from 2.0.x to 2.1

Manual Migration stepwise procedure for vmware community edition 2.0.x to 2.1 version


A collection of screenshots for all versions and interfaces of

Best Practices

Achieve business results by following best practices of using

Knowledge Base

Getting to know better

Usage Scenarios

Contributing to