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Wiki Page FAQs


How do I securely give access to external users inside my site

If I need to create a work area to manage information about Customer->Project the right way is
a) create a space for each customer?
b) create a space shared for customer and manage internal document with categories?


Yes, The correct way would be to create space for each customer and manage content inside using categories. Follow the steps below if you are required to provide your customers an work area in your site for collaboration.

Securing your Main space from customer edits. 
  1. Login in to your site using site administrator rights 
  2. Click on sharing tab, UnSelect "Inherit permissions from higher levels" 
  3. Click on Save
  4. Unselect "Can Add" for "Logged-in" users
  5. Click on Save
Creating a group for your customer. (this is required if your customers requires multiple logins in the collaboration area for all customer contact persons)
  1. Login in to your site using site administrator rights
  2. Click on Manage Menu icon in the topbar (Hint: next to help icon)
  3. Click on Group Management option, you will be presented with groups overview page 
  4. Click on "Add New Group", Fill in the groups details
  5. Click "Save"
Creating a space for your customer
  1. Click on New Menu Button in the topbar (Hint: Big Green +) and choose Space
  2. "Add Space" options are presented, Fill in the Space details
  3. Click Save, You will be directed inside the newly created space.
Securing your newly created Customer space to allow only members of customer group to access content in the Space. 
  1. Click on sharing tab in your new created space.
  2. Search for the newly created customer group.
  3. Select options "Can Add" "Can Edit" and "Can View" against the Customer group.
  4. UnSelect "Inherit permissions from higher levels" and Unselect "Can Add" and "Can View" for "Logged-in" users
  5. Click on Save.
Creating a user for your customer.
  1. Click on Manage Menu icon in the topbar (Hint: next to help icon)
  2. Click on User Management option, you will be presented with USers overview page 
  3. Click on "Add New User", Fill in the user details (Please Note: Registering users sends an email inviting user to activate their account on the site and set their respective passwords)
  4. Click "Save"
Assigning customer user to the customer group
  1. Click on Manage Menu icon in the topbar (Hint: next to help icon)
  2. Click on User Management option, you will be presented with Users overview page.
  3. Search for the newly created customer user.
  4. Click on the user name of the customer user, you will be presented with user properties for the customer user.
  5. Click on group memeberships tab (Hint: Next to user properties tab)
  6. Search for the newly created customer group.
  7. Select option for the customer user group.
  8. Click on "Add user to selected groups"

When the customer user set his/her password and logs in to the site for the first time, the customer user will have access rights to contribute ONLY in the space the customer user has been given permissions. 

What are the extra facets in the Advanced Search

In the "advanced search" I can select element type as "FAQ", "Faq Section", "Reference Manual", Reference Manual Section"... etc...but I don't understand how to create this document in these sections. I need to install some plugin? of configure something else?


The elements that you see are of disabled/deleted features(as they are not compatible with system), these features are not supported and will be removed in the coming versions.

How to delete AIR Desktop cache ?


Delete '/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/' 

(replace username in above folder with your actual mac username)

Is there a way to drag or link an email from Outlook into a comment or discussion?


To add / link an email into, we recommend one of the 4 practices below:

  1. If it is a text email, copy the entire mail text and paste it as a blog or a comment to a wiki page / blog.
  2. If it is a rich email with attachments and images, you can click and drag the mail from outlook to your desktop. It creates a .msg file. You can then upload this file into as a file and upload / download / open on it.
  3. Use the copy-paste method and separately upload the images and files that are attachments to the email. You can separately insert the images into content from the WYSIWYG editor. Upload files and link to them using the internal link button in the editor.
  4. You can also use your way of sending the mail to OneNote and uploading the file.

Why do deleted items still show?

I created a bunch of hierarchical spaces and cut and pasted and deleted files between spaces. I now see that the deleted items show up on the All Updates page of the home space in red. Is there a way to setup preferences so that they do not show up?

They are coming up as red, after deletion to signify that they are deleted. When items are deleted they are moved to the recycle bin to prevent data loss by direct, permanent deletion. These deleted items only show up to people with the Manager permission given at the site-wide level (in the user management screen) because they can administer the Recycle Bin. To delete the items permanently:

  1. Click on Administration in the left bar to open the Administration accordion
  2. Click on Recycle Bin, the second last link
  3. Click on Contents to switch to bulk management view
  4. Select the items you wish to delete permanently
  5. If you have more items than what fits on a page, you'll also get a Select: All link at the bottom to select all items across all pages
  6. Press Delete
Note: there is no warning on the delete button on this screen.

Our system is hosted on our ESX server is very slow. How can we speed this up? Can I make changes into the allocated memory or some other settings?


Use Firefox 3.x or Google Chrome 2.x for best results.

How to apply font styles in the Wiki / Blog WYSIWYG Editor

In wiki and other places, I do not see a way to control font other than Bold and Italic. Is there some way to specify font and paragraph spacing? When I copy text from emails, I get different fonts and cant control it inside the WIKI editor.


Do have a look at the styles drop down - this will give you preformatted styling for size, and other attributes. 

We do not have font, size control directly by end - users, by design. This is to ensure font compliance across all content. Further styles can be added for you, as a customization in the styles drop down. You can add them yourself as well, if you want, in the Visual Editor settings in the cotrol panel - but a little bit of tech knowledge is required, as this uses CSS based styling.

How do I do the Zip File Upload?


The Import button appears in the Manage Contents view. Click on Contents action link (comes next to Edit on a Space or on /root if you are Manager). If a Space is empty you'll have to add an item in it before the Import link appears. On click on this button a form appears where you can upload a zip file.

Why is a sub-space not visible but the content inside it is?

We created a space that is a sub-space down a few levels. I can see this space on my system as I navigate using the Space navigator on top. My office manager does not see the space from that method. She can get to the space by clicking on an update in that space and then she can move anywhere within that space. Why she does not see the space through the Spaces navigator?


If you do not allow view access on a higher level Space to someone and then allow them view/add access on any inner Space, they will have the permissions to get to the Space and work there, but no visible mechanism of actually getting there because all navigation mechanisms also follow permission structuring. It is recommended practice that in a Space where someone has elevated permissions like in your case, they should have a minimum of View permission to the full chain of Spaces above it. That way, the navigation can show the links correctly. If you give your office manager Can View permission on the above levels of Spaces from the target Space, she will get the Spaces menu to work as expected.

Flash Multiple file upload fails


The Flash upload was becoming un-dependable for uploading files and in 3.0 version of we are dropping flash upload support and instead we are releasing WebDAV which is much more dependable as it maps as a network web drive and can do both upload and download with familiar explorer interface.

How do I expand the hard drive of my vmware image ?

  1. Download and install Converter on the VM you wish to re-size. Also, you can run Converter remotely if you have the Enterprise version.
  2. Select your Source Type, either "Physical machine," if you are running it directly on the VM or "ESX Server or VirtualCenter virtual machine," if you are running it remotely.
  3. On the Source Login screen select either "This local machine" if you are running it directly on the VM, or your ESX/VC server login if you are running it remotely. In addition select the source VM if you are running it remotely.
  4. When the Source Data screen appears it will display all the disks that the VM has assigned to it. Here is where you can resize your disks, choose to select volumes and re-size and then select one of the options, (i.e. 'Type Size in GB') and enter a new size. If you are decreasing the size of the disk you must enter a value larger then the total amount of disk space that is currently in use on the disk. For example if you had 8GB of data on a 24GB disk on your original server, you must enter a value greater then 8GB for the new size.
  5. Next, select a Destination ESX host which will typically be the same host as the source the VM is on. Then assign a name for the VM (name must be different from the source, you can rename it afterwards once you delete the source server), then select a data store to put the VM on, a network for the VM and finally click Finish to begin the process.
  6. The time it takes to complete will vary based on how much data is stored on the source server. Once it completes you can power off your source VM, power on the newly created VM and verify that it is working correctly. Afterwards you can delete the original source VM and rename the new VM to match the original name.

How do I unlock an item?

I want to move a Space (along with all associated items) from one space to another space. When I try to do this, I get the message that it is locked. How do i unlock an item?


Click edit on the item, Click force unlock if you have to, and Save, that should release the lock and you'll be able to cut the Space.

How can one edit or delete a blog entry once it is posted?


To edit a blog entry once it's posted, the post creator can simply click the edit link, when viewing the single blog entry. This appears in the gray action bar below the blue title bar. When you hover over an item in the All Updates list view you get an Edit link (if you have the rights) which will also take you to the normal Edit screen.

To delete a blog entry (or any other content type for that matter) a user needs to have edit rights on it's container (Space or Root). This is by design - only people who can control the Space (by having the Can Edit permission) can delete objects that are residing in it. Editing is easier - all members of a space who have the Can Add permission can edit other people's items as well. Again this is by design because this facilitates easier updates and collaboration between users. The edit operation is completely safe because all content is versioned and can be rolled back to earlier states easily.

People with manager role (like siteadmin) directly get to delete objects (with confirmation prompt) from the Actions menu that appears in the gray action bar - this will work with all objects (including containers like Spaces) so do be careful with this.

Space Owners or users with Edit permissions can delete objects from the bulk management screen that is linked from the Contents button - again available from the gray action bar, when you're looking at a Space for which you have the Can Edit permission or you are the owner. Note that there's no confirmation for the Delete action in this screen.

Are Status messages persisted in database, or, can they be searched?


Microblogging in has discussions so that you can discuss and these conversations persistent in the system. These conversations are immediately indexed and are searchable and act as a knowledge base for future use.

How do I email a wiki, blog or file in to other users?

Is it possible to send to multiple email recipients using "Send this"? How do I delimit the email addresses? Example ;


The "Send This" interface only allows a single email to be sent at a time - you'll have to use the form multiple times to notify multiple people. does not have a multi-email sending interface, currently.

Error Unable to send mail: Invalid email address: donotreply@localhost while using "Send This" feature


This is the default setting out-of-the-box that comes with You can specify the from address that will be used by the system to send emails in the "Mail Setup" screen when you login as siteadmin.

How to create the event & notifications ?


You can create an event by adding a New event. In the event you can add the existing users in your site as Attendees of the event.

Once you've created an event, the members of your site will get notified about the event in the following two ways:

  1. The desktop client - any new activity that happens on the site, automatically shows as an update in the desktop client. The item bubbles to the top and the users can see the new event.
  2. Email subscription - If the users have subscribed to the space via email alerts, your event details will be automatically mailed to them

When inviting the attendee, do I have to enter their email address even if they are already registered community members?

Answer: currently does not have functionality to invite attendees to events - this is expected to be handled offline, manually by users.

How can I, as the administrator, edit or delete Status updates


Admins can delete Status Updates by going into the contents view of the messages. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the profile of the user whose Status message you wish to delete
  2. Click on the Contents view
  3. Select the status messages you wish to delete by checking the check boxes next to the status message.
  4. Click on the Delete button at the bottom

How do I delete, or, rename a Category I created?


In order to delete a category remove the category association from all content categorized using the said category, and create a new Category. By Default the system deletes all the "unused" categories.

How would you define and describe the different uses of Views and Spaces?


Please download the Best Practices document from the Downloads section of Customer Care Portal. Hope this helps in understanding different uses of features.

Can Status Messages be prefixed with @, or, D like in Twitter?


No. Status messages cannot be prefixed with @ or D or any other Twitter prefixes.The status messages are threaded like email, As opposed to non-threaded like twitter.

How to clear my recycle bin ?


To delete all items in the recycle bin follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login using siteadmin privileges.
  2. Click on Administration Menu in the topbar with the gear icon and choose "Recycle Bin"
  3. Click on "contents" tab
  4. Select "All"
  5. Click on "Delete" Button.

How do I subscribe to changes/updates on my site via email?

What does the Mail Subscription button subscribe to? Is it the the entire site, or, in context to the page you're viewing? Is there also a way to subscribe to "all"?


The Mail Subscription Button is contextual. It will subscribe you to the space, sub-space or content that you are viewing. You can subscribe to all alerts if you subscribe at root also known as Main

Is it possible to create a public Space that does not require any log in credentials so the site can expose blogs, wiki, calendars, etc and potentially allow for non-registered used to Comment?


See: Setup for Anonymous Access

Can I move, or, share, or copy an object I created in one Space with / to another?

For example, I used the Bookmarklet tool to add Links in the Main Space & now would like to move them to a newly created Space.


Yes, you can move or copy an object created in any Space with another. In order to move or copy follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login using site administrator privileges.
  2. Go to the contents tab in the Main Space.
  3. Select the objects that you wish to move. Click "Cut" button
  4. Navigate to the Consumers Space, contents tab, Click "Paste" button.

Do I have to use Space-dependant Bookmaklet tools when adding Links to a Space?


Yes, Each Space has a unique bookmarklet which shares links directly into its Space.

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