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dhiraj Dec 01, 2009 12:12 PM Desktop Release: 1.0.18.devel
This release fixes the long outstanding bug where the Desktop Client would crash whenever the mouse wheel was used, especially when viewing a Status message or Discussion. This has been isolated and fixed.

We've also improved the URL handling in the HTML content of Wiki pages and Blog posts, some of the URLs were being malformed especially when they were non-rooted.

Do let us know (reply to this) if you still face the crashing-with-mousewheel problem or there are any other problems.
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uroboros Aug 01, 2014 02:08 AM
Is the client update available for download somewhere? The current download link on the official site points to 1.0.17 and the update function in the desktop client itself doesn't seem to be functioning correctly on our network. An update popup appears and loads to 100% after selecting update, however nothing progresses further than that.
pps Aug 01, 2014 06:43 AM
I am also having the same issue. If I can't update it then is there a way to turn off the auto checks?