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Blog Post Release



Maintenance release has been deployed on the online Intranet instance at and is available for immediate deployment.

What's in

  1. 4 step approval based approval is now available. This has been demonstrated on the sandbox (at this URL) and is now available for provision in all trials and implementations. Permissions are according to screenshot, below.
  2. UI maintenance fixes - relating to showing of Add new menu and owner avatar to logged out viewers.

 Screenshot of reviewed content


Viewer (Can View permission) -

  • Can only view published objects


Member (Can Add Permission) -

  • Can only view published objects not edit.
  • Can view/edit private-to-team objects.
  • Can view pending-publish objects.
  • CANNOT edit pending-publish objects.
  • Can add/view/edit owned objects in private state.
  • Can submit objects for publishing.
  • Can make objects private-to-team.


Reviewer (Can Review Permission) -

  • Can view/edit pending-publish objects.
  • Can publish pending-publish objects to Viewers.
  • Can reject pending-review objects to private-to-team.


Manager (Can Edit Permission) -

  • Can edit Space permissions
  • Has all other permissions.


You need to be logged in as siteadmin (secret) to be able to set the space "workflow policy" - this is the thing that controls which workflow is followed all across the Space.
Policy is adjusted using the State drop down and selecting - policy. Workflows that are to be used are:
  1. Space review content workflow  - this is the 4 step approval based workflow
  2. Space content workflow  - this is the normal 3 step non-approval based workflow that is default.
Do NOT set the workflow of the For this folder section, only change the Below this Folder workflow, and that too out of the above 2 values. The other workflows are to be ignored.

Current Status

Intranet and all trials on the Intranet instance have been migrated to release.


Next steps

  1. Work is continuing on the upcoming release, 2.0.5 - as per schedule.



Annoucement for release
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