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Changes log for 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 dev release

Separate branch at URL  svn://cynserver/ubifysrc/branches/sumant14JulyW3 at revision no 1188.
  • Full mindmap view now shows fav icon.
  • Added two properties "modifiedby" and "modifiers" to all ATContenttypes and Space type. "modifiedby" stores an username of user who edit an item recently. "modifiers" stores list of usernames who modifies an item.
  • Metadata viewlet now shows "Modifiers" and "Last Modified By" data. "Last modified By" data will be shown only if user who edits an item is different from Owner.
  • Recent Updates viewlet now shows "modified by" user info. Avatar shown in this viewlet for each item holds true for user who modifies an item recently. Only in case of comments user information shows created by text.
  • Updated templates of collection portlet, application portlets (For space home) and standard view i.e files to show modifier user info instead of creator for all content types except Discussion Item type.
  • Removed letter spacing from .documentContent p a:viisited css class. This improves styling of visited wiki links.
  • Enabled notifications on Discussion Item creation.
  • Implemented updated email notification templates.
  • Ignored action initiator from receiving mail notification. For e.g. the user who changes workflow state will not receive workflow state changed notification.
  • Enabled calendar portlet by default. (Removed code which was deleting calendar portlet's assignment.)
  • Next previous navigation set to True for all folderishes content types. (This will be applicable for newly created items.)
  • Incorporated new feature Global Recycle Bin (Access restricted to users having "Manager" role) and "My Recycle Bin".
  • Incorporated MaildropHost for asynchronous mail notifications.
  • New Manage menu for users having "Manager" role.


Merged to trunk at revision no 1249
Created tag at revision no 1250 with name cynin_v2_0_7 


2.0.6 dev version is merged on trunk at revision no 1172.
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