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Changes log for 2.0.5 to 2.0.6 dev release

Separate branch created /branches/sumant09JulyW2 for new version at revision no 1131.

Changes Done:

  • Hiding navigation portlet on /Members i.e on member's search page.
  • Change password of admin user in buildout.cfg file.
  • Change email settings for "From address" in preconf.
  • .allspaceslabel color change to 55
  • a.SpaceTitleLink color: E6 change to CC
  • searchSection color: white change to CC (also need to apply the color to the advanced search link but hover should remain the same)
  • #portal-breadcrumbs: white to CC
  • #portal-breadcrumbs a: white to E6
  • Rename review list portlet to "my review list"
  • /pwreset_finish - Needs a prominent link to "Click here to login"
  • logo - mouse over on the site logo gets a bg colour on password reset finish screen
  • Team member is not getting delete action in contents as well as actions menu
  • Add Smart View creates empty smart view. (Add new menu will not appear while adding or editing an item.)
  • Improved layout for tabs on "manage users and groups" pages in site setup.
  • Improved Gallery view for non image type files uploaded in gallery.
  • Removed ZMI  Management  link from site setup.
  • Kupu configuration : Link using UID option is enabled in preconf.
  • Modified Titles for home portlets (e.g. Wiki pages instead of "All wiki pages"
  • Hide Site setup link for non admin user on "Change Password" screen.
  • Need to standardized spacing in my menu.
  • Fixed pager issue  for smart view.

Changes Remaining:


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