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Changes log for to 2.0.5 dev release

Merged: From revision no 975 to 1119 of url svn://cynserver/ubifysrc/branches/sumant25JuneW5.Version changed to 2.0.5


  • Application Folderishes map
  1. Change name of Smart Folder to Smart View
  2. Change name of Smart View to Advanced View
  3. Change name of Smart View Folder to Advanced View Folder
  4. Allow Smart View and Advanced View inside Advanced View Folder
  5. Allow Folder inside space and other applications
  6. Allow content types of the parent one inside Folder
  7. Check for paste operations of folder type
  8. Migration
  9. Restrict user folder to have application types only
  10. Migration for point 9.
  • Metadata block
  1. Related item links should have workflow state colors
  2. Related item links for images should go to /view
  3. State value should have workflow state colors   
  • Separate "Add New Item" menu on site home.
  • Show " site" for "plone site" type at root URL.
  • Navigation portlet is modified to display nothing on Member search form. Also navigation portlet displays selected user's "My Folder" and children if any on navigation.
  • Only "Site Home" view is displayed in "display" menu.
  • New private,keep-publish workflow applied as placeful workflow at and below for /Members folder
  • Remove "Users" from Home mindmap.
  • Incorporate copyright notices in source code
  • Modified footer as per suggestion Final footer content for
  • Add permalink to metadata viewlet
  • Prev/next navigation should touch bottom of the metadata. Atleast it should be placed below metadata and above comment.
  • Comment icon is old.         
  • Change sort of blog from ordered (by contents), to sorted on start date (if exists) OR create date descending
  • My items viewlet should not display owner name i.e. - by author                                       
  • Flash Mindmap update:
    • 1. Mindmap will always have shadow now.
      2. Mindmap comes on gray background by default.
      3. Mindmap now shows relevant icons for content types
      4. Fonts are slightly bigger and more readable.
      5. Compiled for Flash 8 - runs better/faster.
      6. Fixed all branding issues
      7. Removed unnecessary buttons / menu items, etc.
  • Add two txt files to the root of code for terms and licensing.
  • Remove Theme configlet
  • Remove top and bottom gap for message info displayed on top of mindmap when user logs in.
  • Space and home blocks
  • Change all calendar date implementations to take only left 3 chars for mont [0:3] (Excepting event single item view)
  • Remove helpcenter product from ubify.policy auto-install
  • User's my folder improvisation.


Rename space_icon for star.png to space_star.png                                                                

recycle bin (using content rules)                                                                              8 hr.

Metadata: For folderishes, show count summary of contained items               1 hr

Turn on next / previous navigation on all application folderishes                        2 hr

Move comment block below pager so that previous/next touches metadata box        1hr

Re-implement css hidden viewlets                                                                                      8 hr


Gallery and File Repository types should not allow setting of default view item        2 hr

Contents - padding that is above the pager should be above the action buttons, not to the pager either.        0.5 hr

Contents - Checkbox column should have as much width as checkbox, not have extra gap on right.            0.5 hr

On bulk upload, change _ to spaces in title                                    3 hr
Plonk CMFNotifications subscribe portlet?                                    3 hr
    fix document_relateditems/macros/relatedItems macro for putting better styling                3 hr

Remove image from edit of blog_view, handle migration for same                            8 hr

Recent viewlets, show "In appname" <- application folderish with link                        1 hr

Show space icon in spaces root and wherever spaces are shown in templates                    2 hr

Footer VIewlet with site configlet to have end-site-owner add customization text.                3 hr.

Pager is getting padding in standard view                                    .5 hr

Add html (text) field for Space type.                                        1 hr

In recent items list image type should display resized image in template.                    2 hr

(Include a manual migration step of uninstalling for all sites, in next release for helpcenter)

Flash Upload allows any file in gallery. we should restrict it to image.

image uploaded with capital extension doesn't work

Gallery should not display other files in Gallery view other than image type                    1 hr

Remove original add Menu.                                            2 hr



This page maintains the list of changes done for mentioned version.
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