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Benefits of SaaS


Software as a Service is an emergent mechanism of delivering software applications to customers over the Internet. Software as a Service or On Demand software can be implemented rapidly and eliminates the infrastructure and ongoing costs that traditional applications require. offers all the following advantages of Software as a Service.

Low cost of entry
Low cost entryAs opposed to on premise software, SaaS is delivered to organizations as a subscription model, usually billed on a per user per month basis. This means that the costs are granular in nature and are incurred only as long as benefits are achieved. This does away with the enormously large up front payments and massive annual license fees. offers a simple pay as you go pricing with no long term contractual requirements.

Zero Infrastructure - Reduced Overheads
Zero InfrastructureSince the application is hosted by the service provider, investing in expensive infrastructure is no longer required. All large initial investments on hardware, licenses, databases, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades are managed by Customers can access and use the application on the Internet through any browser. No local infrastructure meaning; no headache of upgrading aging technology, and a complete protection from unforeseen expense spikes.

Single Instance, Multi-Tenant Efficiency
Multi is implements a multi-tenant architecture. This means that the cost of all software, infrastructure and expertise is shared by a large number of customers. This drastically improves implementation speed and cost effectiveness over a standard ASP model.

Cost-effective Infinite Scalability
cost effectiveThe pay as you go model of SaaS, gives the customer the freedom to adapt to the changing usage of the software, on demand. For example: You can buy the application for two employees to start with and then after a few months decide to adapt it for a department of 10 people, and on achieving measurable benefits, the software can be provided to the entire organization of say 5,000 users. Software delivered as services provide all of this scalability, without requiring customers to plan for it.

Increased Accessibility and Productivity
Increased ProductivityWeb based applications enable you to save your information on the Internet, hence making it easily accessible from anywhere. Your business knowledge is made accessible to all your knowledge workers increasing collaborative productivity. Geographically separated teams function better with better information availability.

Higher quality offerings at lower costs
Higher QulaitySaaS applications that are built to scale pass on potential savings to the customer. As more and more customers are added, the operating cost for each customer continues to drop. This gives the SaaS provider the ability to constantly better the offering while lowering costs.

Easy to implement
Easy to implementSince, the solution is delivered via the Internet; Software as a Service completely eliminates installation and setup at the customer's end. Users can be up and running very quickly.

Improved Security
Improved SecuritySoftware as a Service providers are in the business of providing uninterrupted reliable services. Vendors understand that data must be backed up religiously, and information security is of fanatic priority. Skilled resources, network redundancies, stand-by power, up-to-date security and intrusion detection are mandatory infrastructure required to provide an enterprise class service. Such level infrastructural investment is usually an overkill for a single organization or team.

Freedom of Choice
Freedom of ChoiceThe Software as a Service model gives the customer the freedom to easily make the switch from one solution provider to another. This is possible as there has been no locked in investments towards the IT infrastructure of servers, software or security systems. This freedom to easily walk away from a provider, works as a motivator to introduce better features and ensure optimum performance.

Defined Predictable Spends
Defined predictable spendsService based software operates on agreed pre-defined fixed charges. This enables you to predict the costs and helps you budget for your yearly financial expenses. The low-cost of the package does not drastically affect the figures for unplanned usage of the service.

Platform Independence
Platform IndependenceSaaS based solutions are hosted centrally with the service provider. No software to be installed at the customer's premises. The software can be accessed on the Internet via a browser only. On Demand applications can be used by Windows, Linux or Mac users, providing true platform independence.

Focus internal IT initiatives only on direct, line of business technology

focus internal ITSaaS strategy not only eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure spends, it substantially takes the burden off your internal IT staff. With the SaaS advantage, your staff does not have to manage upgrades, troubleshoot problems for generic software applications. This helps the company to direct limited in-house IT resources towards more business oriented initiatives. These business oriented initiatives are the ones that are usually un-out-source-able and require the focus of internal IT teams.