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Benefits of Open Source


Open Source: Freedom of Choice

CIOs across the world are choosing open source technologies to efficiently increase business growth, optimize system performance and reduce costs. Open source gives IT executives the opportunity to innovate and add value to their business without the problems faced with the traditional software products. 
Below are some of the advantages that open source offers:
Take control of your software
nullOpen source software gives you the power to control your software's code. You have the right to modify the code to suit your requirements and control the budgets that you want to spend towards it. Unlike proprietary software, where the vendor controls your code, upgrades and budgets -- with open source software, you control the upgrade process and can choose to decide which bugs to fix and when.

Escape Vendor Lock-in
Escape Vendor LockDisappointment and dissatisfaction with a vendor's support and service is a reality for all IT managers. Inability to customize software to meet your requirements or support your needs, further increases the frustration. Open source gives you the freedom to choose your preferred vendor giving you the flexibility.
Lower cost of ownership
cost effectiveThere are no license fees for an open source software, reducing annual license fees cost to zero. There is zero cost of scale, because open source doesn't require additional licenses as the installation grows.The only spends are towards the support for your software that ensure reliability and reduces running cost by at least 80%.
Greater Security & Quality
Improved SecurityOpen source software is available publicly. A large amount of developers globally contribute and analyze the code making it more secure and constantly increasing the quality. The peer review process drive excellence in design.
Increased ProductivityIt is possible that a proprietary software company shuts shop or decides to discontinue services for a software. With it goes the support and the future of the software. Open source software is not dependent on a single entity and gives users the advantage of the community. Any developer can choose to take up the software and continue from where it stopped.'s open source commitment
Commercially supported by Cynapse and backed by a global community of developers, promises transparent sharing of knowledge and continuous innovation. Our product teams commit code and bug fixes regularly to the open source community of and are very active in the community forums which help our open source users.

Stable, certified and supported versions of are available for both, enterprises and small businesses.
Advantages of using Open Source technologies in businesses
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