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. v2.1 is here - The most significant release, ever!

— Posted by Dhiraj Gupta

The much awaited release of - v 2.1 is finally here, I am honored to annouce it's public availability. Some of the New and Notables for this release are:

Application Perspectives

Application containers of v.2.0 gives way to Application Perspectives. Every space in now come pre-fit with application perspectives. Manually creating applications as containers to content is required no more. Simply create or upload any kind of content (such as a wiki page or an excel sheet) within a space and the content appears in the correct perspectives. The important thing here is that all content is created within a space and not an application container. This helps users to focus on creating content and stop worrying about creating containers. This also facilitates easier interlinking and reusing of content between applications.

Application Perspectives Thumbnail



Main Space: The root of all content.

Spaces have been the pivotal aspect of Spaces help a group of users to create a secure work area within their site and allocate explicit permissions to select users within it. Spaces are vital to most large companies with diverse teams. However, a substantial number of our customers & users felt the need for a simplified central collaboration area, that is accessible to every user of the This gave birth to the concept of the Main space. This is where All users of your site can create or edit any content, without worrying about permissions or sharing rights. This makes the main space the best place for free form collaboration, and its no more necessary to create a bunch of spaces before new users start using Spaces should only be created when there is a need for security isolation.

Screenshot of the add new menu - flyout-add-new.jpg

All Updates - A consolidated activity stream

 A new perspective called 'All Updates' has been added to all spaces. This shows all activity within a space (and from all spaces nested inside the space). This bridges content from all applications and types into a simple unified interface. A great deal of user experience enhancements have been designed for the all updates perspective, as we expect this to be the most used perspective on a daily basis.

Screenshot of all updates - all-updates.jpg

Contextual Discussions. A whole new level

Commenting, the most used feature in just got better. v2.1 enables AJAX based discussions providing a live chat kind of user experience. These discussions are contained in all content types in the A comment posted to any content 'bubbles' the content to the top of the activity stream, pushing the content to the relevant audience. Read more about contextual discussions in this previous blog post 

flyout-add-reply.jpg + item-blog-post.jpg

The Status Log - Micro blogging for the enterprise

 Get a micro blog dedicated for your team. Status logging tools like Twitter, Jaiku etc. have proved to be one of the simplest collaboration tools around, but public systems can rarely provide the context for work related collaboration. Public status messages help people to get word across to other people globally, where the context or content of the post is required to be relevant to a variety of audience. With status logs, users can post work related information, which may not be appropriate or relevant to broadcast on a public system, specifically within the context of the business or enterprise. The status logs are tightly integrated to the activity stream and can contain threaded discussions. Status logs thus, are the easiest way to start a conversation with your team. More about the status log in this post.  


The Recycle Bin: Delete without fear!

 Deleting content from an enterprise system is always a concern. Especially for businesses that need to follow compliance regulations. The new recycle bin grabs deleted content from across the site, and allows the administrator to process the deleted content as per the compliance requirements. rules can be applied to the recycle bin for custom automated processification of deleted content as well.

Completely revamped user interface has been well acclaimed for its simple yet powerful user interface. Focus on user experience and an user centric approach have been our strongest USPs, we have just taken the user interface to the next level. Based on a large number of user interviews, we have designed a new user interface from ground up, which is much less cluttered, and makes focusing on content much easier, yet providing required tools with minimum clicks.

flyout-profile-link.jpg + item-info-panel.jpg + flyout-info-card.jpg + perspective-links.jpg

A lot more minor improvements

v 2.0 Laid the foundation for a great collaboration tool. With v2.1 we had the opportunity to focus on a lot of small things that make a big difference, especially in terms of user experience. We have also fixed over 200 bugs and tracked over 50,000 hours of development time in this release.


So go ahead, get the all new - Its available in a free open source community edition, a supported enterprise edition, as well as cost effective on-demand packages

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Nov 10, 2009 11:30 AM

Stacker Beta 1

— Posted by Dhiraj Gupta

Stacker Beta 1 release

What's New

New features:

  1. Status messages! We have our very own Twitter, working beatifully from within the stacker, do check it out.
  2. When non-focused the docking window fades into slightly transparent - very cool!
  3. More options
  4. More keyboard shortcuts


Full Changelog


x Search of comments now works. The item searched is shown in the detail view.

x Put status message control below page and wire to current status

x Setting status on the web or any other means should update the user's stacker's status as well.

x When an unknown item type comes in, it should at least show the BaseItem's data in the detail view instead of being stuck in loading

x Make the status message input cancel when the user hits escape

x Make the status message input cancel on Escape even if the focus is not on it.

x If get status message returns "" or error the status message should be set to "What are you doing?"

x Add user's avatar next to status message

x Current status should not show on logged out

x User avatar should not show on logged out

x More than 1 item is carried along in selected item paging -- don't carry along anymore.

x On page navigation when the selected item is present on the page, highlight it appropriately.

x Create separate tile for status message

x Customize background color filling for status tiles

x DO NOT attempt to get status before login. WTF !?

x Items from one user are not getting cleared after logging back in with different user.

x Create new Status Input component that comes on top (z) of the stacker at the bottom, to take new status input.

x Do not allow Enter (\n) in a status message.

x Allowed Comments flag is failing. Figure out and fix.

x Partially alleviated allowed comments problem by showing the comments box anyway (the discuss tab comes with -1 as comment count)

x Disabled Add comments button when comments are not allowed.

x Change status message to prior existing is not working.

x Create new detail view for status message

x Multi-monitor support in Options dialog.

x Fixed stupid minimum width and height problem.

x Improved startup speed by not getting full objects from the server for images that we've already got cached, only uncached images result in full Value Object calls from server now. Startup time should be noticably faster, particularly on lower bandwidth connections.

x Reduced extra debug logging in the trace console window.

x Shift to common tile base implementation

x Updated tiles in the same page are not getting proper avatar of last change performer.

x Fixing binding issues with nonType-specific item variable in tile.

x When a selected item's comment count / last action changes, refresh the detail view.

x Move the add comment box out of the tab navigator and make it a separate thing that comes on top of the tab navigator.

x My avatar doesn't come on auto-login but when the avatar gets downloaded due to it's presence in an item's changers/creator.

x Show username in Add comment screen

x Use pagingexpanded when changing page.

x Collapse should be allowed when not logged in.

x Go back to base state on collapse from search.

x Popout on new activity should go to page 1

x Show current update frequency in the label's brackets

x Clear cache button in options dialog

x In the update window put the release notes inside a canvas and have auto verticalscrollpolicy on it.

x Do new menu structure (with seperators & re-Titling).

x Menu refresh page item.

x Show total item count in activity stream label.

x Menu item to check for updates

x window to show updates not available

x Change update url to test url so that version check is possible to skin, fix, etc.

x Test update window scrolling of release notes.




Show / Hide




Check for updates

About Desktop







x Change from prompting input to normal textarea, focus on click

x Num chars typed in status input

x Label: What are you doing?

x F5 label change for menu to refresh

x F5 keyboard handling.

x Ctrl + F5 keyboard handling.

x Always on top option

x Show in taskbar option (Note: Causes immediate UI RESET!)

x Keyboard Shortcuts menuitem below options

x Don't hide the statusinfo during page change

x Always on Top checkbox menu.

x Ctrl+T = Always on Top keyboard shortcut.

x Guarantee never to get more tiles than pagesize()

x New and improved stacker label (Activity Stream) implementation.

x Allow paging during page fetching.

x Hide the status text and my avatar when statusinput is on.

x Better site url handling for login. (Now takes domain without http://)

x Don't show old status and avatar during "Authenticating" phase

x Don't flicker in base state while authenticating.

x Page navigation is shown when there is only 1 page (only in startup).

x Make canvases transparent when deactivated (to show focussed / not).

x Add fade animation to activate / deactivate for mucho required panache!

x Discuss tab should always be available and not only when messages are present. (*Now doesn't show count)

x Scrolling Canvas for Release notes in update window.

x Scrolling Canvas for description in Detail view.

x Scrolling Canvas for Comment view

x Scrolling canvas for Blog view

x Links on wiki page should open in system browser.

x Links on Event should open in system browser.

x Scrolling Canvas for HTML in Event View

x Scrolling Canvas for full view in File View

x Scrolling Canvas for full view in Image View


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Nov 10, 2009 11:30 AM

Stacker Alpha 23 - 25

— Posted by Dhiraj Gupta

What's new?

Auto update mechanism: desktop now automatically checks and informs when a new version is available. To show you the experience, I'm giving you an AIR file which is version 23, when you install and run it, it will detect version 25 (which is online) and prompt you to install that.

Note: There is no physical difference between version 23 and 25.

Download version 23 from here.

Full Changelog

x Fix minimize with item selected bug.
x Disable directinput paging, for now.
x Tiles click-again to close is not working.

x Search textbox lose focus problem.
x Search text box not getting emptied on cancel button.
x Search cancel button doesn't work after the first time.
x New update mechanism
x New update window to confirm update.
x First test of auto-update, more fixes to come.

Last workflowed by viraf
Nov 10, 2009 11:30 AM

Stacker Alpha 22

— Posted by Dhiraj Gupta

What's new ? Stacker is now minimizable. Just click on the taskbar (not the system tray) entry for desktop and the app will minimize - so now there's a way to get that collapsed tab out of the way when you need to. More on this when we do a new option for "Stay always on top".

A new deployment URL:

Do NOT use the old Intranet way - that version is old and the page will not be available in some time.


Full Changelog

x Fix state changing happening in search's detail view. Sate was changing to expanded, we now have a separate state so that we can faithfully show the number of search results.
x When detail view is loading, stacker label should show Fetching data... in both update and search
x Search cancel button is broken.
x Allow minimize in the resize handler
x Make window minimizable
x Change commented action title to Discussed
x Expanded in search results shows "Activity stream"
x Comment body textareainput field does not clear when a comment is canceled.
x Remove the Could not load errorstring on image (this was fixed earlier but got skipped to be logged).
x Search should not lose focus when backspaced
x Keyboard shortcut for Add Message: Ctrl + M
x Keyboard shortcut for change detail view tabs: Ctrl + I

ReFactor of underlying system (No visible changes)

x Renamed commonTile to BaseTile
x Moved search tile codebase implementation to basetile
x Moved updatetile codebase implementation to base on BaseItem

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Nov 10, 2009 11:30 AM

Stacker Alpha 21

— Posted by Dhiraj Gupta

What's new

Keyboard shortcuts, a ton of them. Most everything except tab changing, comment add, and always on top toggle is implemented. Refer to Keyboard shortcuts for desktop

Full Changelog

x Hide pager number labels when there is no pages?
x Handle 0 input in DirectInput of Pager
x  Search keyboard shortcuts
x  Escape keyboad shortcuts
x Page Navigation shortcuts (pgup & pgdown)
x Automatically take focus when page changes or state changes, so that keyboard handling is available. Example: stacker shows when new activity happens - Escape will hide it, otherwise that can't be made to work.
x Fix state changing happening in search's detail view
x Add up / down keyboard navigation  for updates as well as search. The open detail view is based on delay timer. Timer is currently hardcoded to 500 millisec. Option can be given for this, later.
x Actually tested and fixed to work on the mac OS/X.

Last workflowed by viraf
Nov 10, 2009 11:30 AM