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Announcement: General Availability of 2.0.7 is underway!

. version 2.0.7 release has gone general availability

This blog post will maintain an update log of the release migrating to all the various places that we release

Detailed/Tech Changelog for this release is avaialable on this wiki page.

New & Noteable in this release:

  1. New Feature: Recycle Bin. Global Recycle (available only to Site managers for now) will hold all objects deleted anywhere in the site apart from Member Areas. Each member gets their own private recycle bin that will store all items deleted from their My Spaces. Note: There is no "undelete/restore" feature right now, manual copy paste out from the Recycle bin is possible and works.
  2. New Menu items: New manage menu (available only to Site managers) has two menu items: Site Setup and Recycle Bin. Every Member gets a new My Recycle Bin in their My Menu. Site Setup item in my menu is not available any more.
  3. Email Notifications Update: All email notification templates have changed. More concise information is now shown for all notifications. New: If you initiated an action, you will NOT be notified of it - that is pointless.
  4. Most places that show recent activity like Site and Space Homes now show avatars and userlinks of the person who modified the item last, and not the original creator of the item.
  5. New Feature: Next / Previous navigation has been enabled in all Applications. When you're viewing the detailed view of an item, you'll get Navigation links at the bottom for going to the next and previous items in the same Application. Note: Will apply to newly created Applications only. Workaround: Can be turned on for an application -> Go to the application / folder, click edit and go to Settings, turn on "Enable next previous navigation" and save.
  6. New Sites show a calendar portlet in the left side bar, this will show Published events (events of all states will be shown in future release).

Implementation progress:

  1. has been migrated to the new release and is now proudly hosted on Enterprise edition.
    New: Enterprise edition now provides out-of-the-box zeoclustered deployment with 2 instances of app servers and 1 "maintenance mode only" instance. This is now the recommended architecture for production deployment for large / important deployments. Details (technical) on how to set this up in a buildout are provided on this wiki page.
  2. and have been migrated to the new release and are now on the Enterprise edition.
2.0.7 release announcement
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