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edith Oct 13, 2010 08:13 PM
What is technically the difference between a blog and a wiki page? I think they are exactly the same, only the usage is different. Is that right? Will it be clear for the users what to use?
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romasha Oct 14, 2010 10:55 AM
Yes edith, you are right. Functionality wise, both Wikis and Blogs in are the same. Both have collaborative editing, rich editor, version management, discussion via comments and the works.

The difference is in the way these two applications are used.

Blogs are usually chronological posts often compared to a journal, written daily, or at least regularly. These can be used to publish project updates, company news, regular reports, publishing research briefs, etc. Blogs can also aid in brainstorming ideas or generating discussions.

Wikis on the other hand, are not so much about individual entries, but documents that everybody can add to and edit. Individuals can work on an individual page in a wiki and then link it to a page created by someone else. Wikis, due to their simplicity and flexible nature, can be easily used for applications like documentation, reporting, information management systems, project management, glossaries, dictionaries and more.

Check out these two images that clearly depict the difference between the two:
Blogs vs Wikis:[…]/view
Wikis vs Email:[…]/view

We recommend to our customers to give their users some guidelines on what application to use when, through the static text portlets in the dashboard or by setting goals in the wikis. (You can also selectively disable applications for certain spaces if the need be.) Do go through the Best Practices Guide that offers insights on how you can get your users started with using the collaborative tools and do share your experiences of implementing with the community :)