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h0rr0r Oct 31, 2009 06:47 PM
Under the Events sections, after we created an event, and if we intended to send it out to our members via email, instead of key in the email address one by one (and ofcourse we have to remember them), can we have a pop up that actually let's us tick and select the receipient?
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dhiraj Oct 31, 2009 11:46 PM
Hmm... that's an interesting idea. We normally suggest that when you have multiple invites to send, instead of using the 1-by-1 invite system, to use any standard email client and send the URL to the event that way - it get's done easier that way, and typically your email client will already have the email addresses stored.

That said, what you're suggesting would be a good idea to implement as well, as this has been requested before. Some of the concerns that allowing multiple recipients would be this:

1. Who gets to send these emails? All users of the site can get exposed if we do this and it might be information that you'd not be willing to share with *all* your members. So this send-multiple functionality would require to be restricted to a specified user role or to someone with site administration permissions.
2. The popup that would let you select multiple recipients would still have to follow's standard "Many user" setting, if there are more than say 500 users, to show a search box, instead of a checkbox list directly.
3. This send-multi email functionality would be made central so that any-and-all content types could avail of this "invite" feature.

Some more thinking on these lines always leads me to believing that specifically for events, we should instead have a "registration" and "registrants" functionality:
1. Events can have a "Number of registrations" field, which will default to unlimited.
2. Events will allow people to register for them until the limit was passed or event date has crossed.
3. "Moderated registration" events would set up a user / role to veto the registration requests and only approved ones would get counted in the registrants count.
4. The event detail view would show the registrants, and the comment discussion would allow debate on who's going to do what, etc.

Even more functionality:
5. E-commerce: A paid events registration module? :)
6. Post event notes: A field to take notes / minutes of meetings that would become available once the event date has passed.

Ah.....the list can go on and on. :)
Tell me what you think. We could drill up an issue list based on this and then take votes on ODN. The effort would be substantial though, on both the fronts (invite and calendar) so I'm not sure when we'll be able to schedule it.
h0rr0r Nov 01, 2009 03:49 AM
WOW! Sounds cool! I like the registrations part. Imagine if we use this collabration tools with customers and if there are any events that we organise needs registrations, then the customer can register in the events list and RSVP as well! That is a ver nice feature!

As for the send multi email fucntion, I agree that it has to use the "Many User" settings. I would think it's kindda troublesome for anyone to open the email client and send out the events list. Not everyone has everyone's email address in their email client. Also, what if they send out the event to someone's email that does not have an access into I remember I saw it somewhere that says that only the person who has the login id can view the events. I think if possible we can send by group or spaces members that would be cool as well.
dhiraj Nov 01, 2009 11:54 AM
Yes, this would be cool indeed. :)

Regarding the authenticated issue - yes, users will have to be authenticated to be able to access such an emailed link. There has been some talk and work put on alleviating this situation, where the site administrator will be able to make major portions of the site public-accessible to anonymous visitors, but this is nowhere close to complete. This was initially targeted for 3.1.x set of release (among other really cool things) but has now been pushed back majorly due to the absolutely brilliant Drupal integration work by the team for the SSO. We've not had many enquiries for this - anonymous accessible content - and it would have significant systemic impact, because conceptually is primarily designed as a behind-login system, so cannot comment on when/if it will happen.

That said, there has also been some minor discussion on a "user invite" system. This would tie in nicely with a lot of places in, the "Send this" function being one of them.

It would be something like this:
1. A set of users (based on user role) would be allowed to send out "user invites".
2. We'd basically change the "Send this" link to something like "Invite users" which would do both things - existing users would get an email saying that they've been invited to see this item on this site, and new email addresses would be getting a Password reset link, with an encoded destination url part. When the new user clicks on the email, it would ask them to set their password, and on successful setting of this would redirect them to the invited event/item.

The invite users would also have a tie-in with the Manage Space ->Sharing screen. Here, you would have a similar button called Invite new users, which would take username, fullname and email and invite the users by the same email mechanism. The difference would be that you'd get to pre-set up permssions on the space for the invited users, thus ensuring a smooth transition when the users sign up and fill in their passwords.
h0rr0r Nov 01, 2009 02:57 PM
Cool!!! So when is this going to release? Is it coming out in a patch format or do I have to re-install the whole system back?
dhiraj Nov 03, 2009 07:01 PM
Well, there is no schedule for any of this yet, unfortunately so I guess you'll just have to wait until we get to estimating the effort on all of this, adding it to a scheduled future release and getting it done.
jmkao Nov 06, 2009 06:32 AM
Having public access would make a lot of sense with the workflow/permissions systems and forums/wikis. I would love to make parts of a user community publicly accessible so that the content can be indexed by Google and thus draw additional participation.
chist_alex May 28, 2010 01:44 PM
I think better to make inviting to a system as a separate functionality. With list of Spaces and short description, also closed ones to let users "ask" Managers of those spaces add them. And to make separately email notification to several users selected in popup possible.