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mdebus Jan 27, 2010 05:09 PM
Two questions regarding XMLRPC:

1. How can I display the latest updates for a certain file type (like "StatusMessage")?
Like "getRecentUpdates", but only for a certain type.

2. How can I generate StatusMessages or Discussions for a certain user with an admin? In my SSO environment, I don't have access to the user password.

TIA! :)
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dhiraj Feb 01, 2010 10:36 PM
For Q1: Hmm... interesting problem. There is not a function that can do this for you directly, as far I figure (although one can easily be coded, if your cynin-fu is up to it!) The primary use for the XML-RPC API has untiil now been for the desktop. In that, we retrieve paged lists of items in the desktop, so this functionality has not been necessary. There *is* a search function but it will not let you filter by content type, yet. I do foresee that we'll end up coding a direct query mechanism into the API, where you can run search queries and get results in struct form, but it's not available, at present. I'd recommend having a look at the RSS handler, instead - cook up whatever parameters you want to with the filter panel in the Activity Stream, and then have a look at altering the parameters programmatically - you'll get full XML output in RSS or ATOM format, including file enclosures.

For Q2: You can't. I'm not saying user impersonation is impossible, but it's problematic at best. Can you explain your need for this? I mean, yeah, technically you *can* code up a function that will let you impersonate a user (given an admin auth) and then create content appropriately, but won't the user be *surprised* when they visit their site and find content items by their username that they have *not* actually created themselves?
mdebus Feb 02, 2010 11:11 PM
Hi Dhiraj!

Q1: Ok. Will do it with RSS instead. But it should be easy to implement, isn't it? :)

Q2: The reason behind this is: We have a portal site where you can start a lot of web applications (like At this moment we have an own microblogging application there. I want to switch to for this, because it already contains microblogging.

The user should be able to set a status message right from the portal. But because the use of CAS I haven't the user password -> so I need to have some code to do this as an admin.

Maybe that makes things clearer. :)

One time again: Thanks very much for your help and this great product! :)

mdebus Feb 15, 2010 11:39 PM
Ok, I found an easy solution for Q2: I just used a HTTP POST to < site>/setstatusmessage to make it work. As we have SSO running, everything is fine now. :)
dhiraj Feb 16, 2010 08:46 PM
Yeah, once you have SSO with working transparent session support, a cross site HTTP post like this will probably work fine. Interesting use-case though, that is actually the backend POST handler for the set status message box, I believe! :)