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BruceND75 Jan 28, 2010 01:55 AM
Questions regarding embedding flash. The documentation tab for Kupu states:

"Kupu has some support for embedding Flash objects using the ATFlashMovie content type, but requires some configuration. Other Flash content types may also work but have not been tested.

       1. Install ATFlashMovie.
       2. Got to the resource types tab of the configlet.
       3. Under the resource mediaobject add Flash Movie to the selection and save.
       4. In the action urls table at the bottom of the page, add a new entry for the type Flash Movie. The preview
           may be left blank or be the same as the 'normal' image. For 'normal image' you should enter
           string:${object_url}/download. Leave fieldname blank and in the 'type' field select 'Flash'."

Is this recommended for Are there other ways I should/could be embedding flash?

Also, is there any reason with why I couldn't/shouldn't install and make useable the FCKEditor or TinyMCE Editor as an alternative to Kupu?

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romasha Jan 28, 2010 01:13 PM
Hello BruceND75,

I have not seen ATFlashMovie, maybe Dhiraj would be able to shed some light on this.

However, if you are looking at embedding swfs, youtube videos, slideshare presentations and likes, you can easily do that by using the "Insert Embed Code" functionality available when you click on the "External Link" button in the Kupu editor.

An embed code is also available for all audios and videos uploaded in so that you can reuse the uploaded content in your wikis and blogs.

I personally love the Kupu Editor. However, both FCKEditor or TinyMCE have not been tested with, so I do not know of their effects on the usability and functionality of Any particular reason you'd like to move out of Kupu?
BruceND75 Jan 29, 2010 02:11 AM
Thanks for the reply!

There is not a particular reason to move from Kupu. I first used Kupu in my early Plone explorations back in 05/06, and then explored the other alternatives. I know that Kupu, TinyMCE, and FCKEditor each have pros and cons. It's all a preference thing. I think that, unless there are technical reasons why one or the other conflicts with, I'd like to be able to provide users with the choice of using whichever one they are comfortable with -- per the "content editor" choice in the "Edit Profile" screen.

All that being said, not having worked with Kupu since my early exploration, I was not aware that the external link provides a means of embedding, though it appears to require the user to figure out the embedding code on the side and cut and paste it in. With TinyMCE (the one I use in Wordpress), the embed code is created by the editor with input from the user.

I believe that the above content taken from Kupu implies that the steps involving ATFlashMovie are what is necessary to achieve the capability I described above with TinyMCE.
dhiraj Jan 29, 2010 10:16 AM
Yeah, sure, go ahead and try the editors out (and tell us what happens! :) ).

Regarding embedding flash, yeah, the kupu editor does kind of depend on you on either having a copy-paste available for the flash embed code, though this is quite a popular mechanism - as in, everybody from youtube to whatever other video / flash sites that *want* you to embed their stuff. If you know your way around the <object> and <embed> tags, and have your own .swf file that you want to embed, you could try uploading the .swf file to - yes it becomes a "File", but I see no reason why one can't "embed" this uploaded .swf file back into a wiki page or blog post, etc.
josue Sep 10, 2010 11:47 PM
I haved similar problems. and today resove!!!!! delete gateway in interface conf !!!!!!!