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jweldy Apr 13, 2010 05:19 PM
Is there a central area for addons? Or I guess is there any add ons that would extend ?
Thanks, J
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dhiraj Apr 13, 2010 09:25 PM
From a product perspective, is packaged as a full set of constituent products that is intended to be self sufficient and working the same way, each time, every time that the virtual product box is opened.

From a platform perspective, is based on the Plone CMS framework, so *potentially*, every addon product can be integrated, it just depends on the kind of customization that would be required, to make it work safely and in a congruent way with the rest of

The Plone addons directory is here: New products, and new releases of products come out almost daily, so keep looking. We do too! :) is made out of a set of custom built products, customizations to existing Plone products, a whole lot of settings, workflows, and then some concepts that are not normally part of Plone.

Perhaps the most key difference, structurally, between the set of products (ubify.*) and Plone is the centralized aggregation that does to present an inside-out view of all content that is present in the site at every nesting level.

Plone products are available for a really wide variety of needs, from the most basic need of authentication to large products that provide a multitude of content types, and the UI thereof. Plone products that provide functionality in the back-end (authentication products are a good example of this) with little or no UI, can usually be integrated easier than a product that provides a large set of content types, views, workflows and so on (Plone HelpCenter would be a good example of this!). Customization work is required to integrate into the AJAX add new dialog as well as with the Application Views UI interface that provides aggregated views. And that's just the beginning - most products come with their own dependencies, workflows, their own settings, all of which typically will not work out-of-the-box with, at least without a minimum amount of tweaking work and knowledge of PyPI, Buildout, Plone product basics, and so on.

There has been talk internally of there being an add-ons directory for, perhaps even a marketplace for commercial add-ons ultimately, but at this point of time the closest thing to this is the Plone products directory or if you're inclined towards the python developer side, then perhaps an even broader place to look is the Python Package Index (PyPI for short), here: This site is a veritable cornucopia of integration possibilities, there's usually more than several products to choose from, to solve every need! :)

PyPI is best illustrated with an example: Perhaps the least known feature of is the syntax color highlighted preview it provides of any source code text file that is uploaded - by utilizing a python library called Pygments that provides CSS and markup conversion for syntax highlighting. There's no existing Plone product that does this (at least AFAIK) but integrating the library to be used for any file with textual content to provide a preview was almost trivial - simply altering the file view template for the text/plain mimetype derivatives provided good results. Here's this example of an HTML file:[…]/view

If you have a particular Plone product in mind, or have need to solve a particular requirement, you may want to consider approaching Cynapse for a commercial engagement.
huy0007 Jun 16, 2010 07:42 PM
In version 2.x, it was very easy to add a third-party Plone product to extend this incredible application. However, since 3.x version, as you stated above "Customization work is required to integrate into the AJAX add new dialog as well as with the Application Views UI interface that provides aggregated views." You had mentioned in the past that you discussed at length internally the issue of 'breaking' the natural flow of the Plone framework with the 'add new dialog' and stated that somehow you would allow the same behavior as 2.x version in future version. Is there an update to this roadmap? If not, would you please consider providing some instructions on how to customize to integrate into the add new dialog? HelpCenter or PhoneSurvey are great examples to use to show users how to make this customization. We are stilling waiting to upgrade to 3.x mainly because of this integration issue. Thank you.
huy0007 Jun 16, 2010 07:49 PM
I meant PloneSurvey and ... still waiting. Sorry about the spelling errors.
dhiraj Jun 17, 2010 09:56 AM
Yes, 2.x was lighter, 3.x has much deeper concepts.
Public developer documentation oriented to adding new custom plone products, content types, into can be expected in the future, although I unfortunately cannot commit a timeline to this, yet. :(
The only current way is learning and ploughing through the codebase; with knowledge of basic plone concepts you can get by, with good knowledge of overriding concepts you'll be better able to figure out how the screens work. There are some key concepts that are .... different/new in I hope to have these documented publicly for developers, soon.
jweldy Apr 15, 2010 11:14 PM
I, very greatly appreciate your in-depth explanation of the product. I find the product to be incredible in itself, and you actually did answer the biggest part of my simple question by speaking of a "Marketplace" as an extension of your product line. I'm not a developer; I simply implement exceptional products and an area that one could find one or two add-ons to custom tailor an already incredible project would be beneficial to everyone I think.
More direct to my initial inquiry was to find a voip client that would "just" integrate into so our users could direct call other users in the OU without having to leave the application.
I certainly hope to me more involved in this community in the future and as a side note this is really one of the best communities I've ever seen on line. Thank you again......J
knylander Nov 20, 2010 02:54 AM
Thank you very much for this discussion and the explanations. It helps me understand why adding new content types (and having them appear in the Add New section) is very difficult.