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Install Redmine on Ubuntu and Debian


A series of things to do to install redmine on Debian


  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install ruby ruby-dev rdoc php5-imagick libmagick9-dev libopenssl-ruby apache2-prefork-dev libapr1-dev libaprutil1-dev libapache2-svn libapache-dbi-perl libapache2-mod-perl2 libdbd-mysql-perl libdigest-sha1-perl
    ruby and ruby-dev are base
    rdoc seems to be some kind of documentation thingy for ruby
    php5-imagick installs image magick. You need it in your php anyway. Image magick is required for installing rmagick, later.
    libmagick9-dev is also required to compile rmagick, later
    libopenssl-ruby apache2-prefork-dev libapr1-dev libaprutil1-dev is required to run passenger (mod_rails)
    libapache2-svn libapache-dbi-perl libapache2-mod-perl2 libdbd-mysql-perl libdigest-sha1-perl is required for serving svn repositories through redmine's perl module authentication module
  • Choose / make a source directory, cd to it
  • Get rubygems source from Current download is here
  • Extract with tar -zxf and cd into the extracted folder
  • sudo ruby setup.rb -V
  • gem install rails -v=2.2.2 -V
    gem1.8 install rails -v=2.2.2 -V
    (Depending on which debian you install it on Etch or Lenny)
  • gem1.8 install rmagick -V
  • gem1.8 install passenger -V
  • install mysql if not already there (apt-get install mysql-server)
  • blank out the password if you set one (required for later perl mysql module, we'll set up one again, after installing that):
    login to mysql command line
    set password for 'root'@'localhost' = "";
  • create database and user for redmine:
    login to mysql command line
    create database redmine;
    grant all privileges on redmine.* to 'redmineuser'@'localhost' identified by "NEWPASSWORD";
  • passenger-install-apache2-module
  • Configure and Load the passenger apache module:
    cd /etc/apache2/mods-available

    nano passenger.load --> put the next line into it:
    LoadModule passenger_module /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-2.2.4/ext/apache2/

    nano passenger.conf --> put the next two lines into it:
       PassengerRoot /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-2.2.4
       PassengerRuby /usr/bin/ruby1.8
    a2enmod passenger
    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  • Get redmine from source:
    extract or git and cd into the new folder
  • cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
  • Edit the database.yml to suit your database config
  • cp config/email.yml.example config/email.yml
  • Edit the email.yml file to suit your config. Typical setup :
    address: localhost
    port: 25
    authentication: none
  • gem1.8 install mysql -V
  • gem1.8 install -v=2.2.2 rails -V
    YES! You need to do that again! The passenger install fudges it up, somehow.
  • rake config/initializers/session_store.rb
  • rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
  • rake redmine:load_default_data RAILS_ENV="production"
  • cd ..
  • chown -R www-data:www-data REDMINE_SOURCE_FOLDER
  • chmod -R 755 files log tmp public/plugin_assets
  • Create a new apache VirtualHost site at /etc/apache2/sites-available. Point the DocumentRoot to REDMINE_SOURCE_FOLDER/public
  • Enable some more apache modules:
    a2enmod rewrite
    a2enmod dav
    a2enmod dav_svn
    a2enmod perl
  • Restart apache with /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  • Create test database for DBD::mysql
    mysql -u root
    create database test;
  • Install CPAN modules:
    install Bundle::CPAN
    install DBI
    install DBD::mysql
  • set password for 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD("PREVIOUS_PASSWORD_BACX_AGAIN");
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Comments (3)
rsprenkle Aug 05, 2010 05:19 AM
Redmine - that might be a nice add-on to Cynapse --
yoffedavid Nov 15, 2011 08:46 PM
How to install and integrate redmine into on - Community Edition v3.1.3 (on debian 5.0.4 i38) ?
yoffedavid Nov 17, 2011 09:29 PM
Did someone have script of HowTo install and integrate redmine into on - Community Edition v3.1.3 (on debian 5.0.4 i38) ?