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pigeonflight Jan 28, 2010 03:27 AM
I'm looking at possibly using for system that is heavily skewed towards file management (uploading files etc..) as opposed to blogs, wikis, discussions etc... are there any special issues that I need to bear in mind?
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romasha Jan 28, 2010 12:46 PM
I think can easily fit your requirement. Even though has content types that you do not want to use, the freeform interface of does not impose any restrictions and enables users to participate in a frictionless manner. Users can add files or start of discussions with the click of the New button.
If you would prefer to have certain spaces with only a type of content, then you can easily customize the Spaces, through the Manage Space: Customize interface. Here you can choose the content types that you would like to enable. Since your requirement is of using file management, I'd recommend you enable file repository along with image gallery, video and audio libraries as well. This will enable users to view image, audio and video files from the interface itself.

The WebDAV support enables you to drag and drop content in your spaces from your desktop. You can also use the Bulk Management interface to mass upload and categorize files.

If you have MAC users uploading files using WebDAV, a .DS_Store file often gets added to the site. You can easily delete the files once they are on the site. You can also check out workarounds reported by other members here:[…]way-to-fix-this-thanks-paul

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes and as usual, feel free to put up more questions :)
deadlines Feb 05, 2010 05:11 PM

It's my understanding that you won't be able to upload two files with the same name within a given space. This is probably relevant given your stated usage scenario. Cynapse people, please correct me if I'm wrong
on this.
dhiraj Feb 05, 2010 08:06 PM
Hmm.... deadlines, you're absolutely right about this. In fact, when you try to upload a new file into a Space that already has the exact same name, you'll get a nice error about it.

I've always wondered about the need of having this, whenever someone asked me this. I've seen solutions that actually did allow this; I've only seen it cause confusion among users, instead of happiness. What's the use case for this requirement? In the way of filestorage, is much alike the linux file system concept, and similar rules apply. We've even got home folders for users! ;)
deadlines Feb 05, 2010 08:18 PM
Personally Dhiraj, I can't see any practical need for this. :Þ I expect if someone is using for a lot of file management, it'll end up being a common support "issue" from the users though. Honestly at its core I think it ends up being more of a user education thing. Once they begin to collaborate in a wiki style environment there should be very little (if any) need for file duplication.