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nhlanhla Jun 15, 2010 01:22 PM
I am looking for a solution that will manage projects in the organization
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tamnhuthuy Jun 16, 2010 02:40 AM
i think project management should be a greate function to be added to cynin.
Cynin now does a great job of knowledge management but for project management, it's simply too simple - just a topic of common access so that people can update simple information.
For project management, we need so much more: time, resource, phase, schedule, gantt chart, sub project... management.
To be honest, cynin has been widely and deeply used in my company and we now it's the key information channel for company's operation. But it's not enough. For project management, to manage working plan and things like that we still have to use another system, it's, a professional and comprehensive project management - and just like cynin, it's open source.
I has been always thinking of a system that can offer both knowledge management like cynin and project management like If so, we need just one system, and that's done. If cynin could do that way, I'm sure that it have make a great step ahead to increase its popularity and dominance in business application.
I know this is big issue, and it takes a lot a lot of time to develop.
But just can't stop dreaming of a unified system like that. Hope some day...
dhiraj Jun 16, 2010 11:38 AM
Project and task management features can be expected in a future version of This is known to be an area of extreme requirements in UI finesse, business logic and concept design. Consider approaching Cynapse for a commercial engagement if you wish to accelerate this feature.
knylander Nov 20, 2010 02:07 AM
Are Project Management features on the roadmap?
oswaldolo Jun 23, 2010 04:35 PM
Hi I am currently working on a platform project management based in plone .. I am migrating this product to work in Plone 3 .. I leave here some links that may review
mdebus Jun 28, 2010 10:24 PM
Hi! Are you planning to integrate this in Would be pretty cool! :)
knylander Nov 20, 2010 02:08 AM
Greetings. Which one of the Project Management plugins would you integrate?