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macagua Apr 05, 2010 11:31 PM
How change the default redirect to login behavior to instead show the Home screen to anonymous user for 2.1-1dev?

My Version Overview
* 2.1-1dev
* Plone 3.1.6
* CMF 2.1.1
* Zope (Zope 2.10.6-final, python 2.4.5, linux2)
* Python 2.4.5 (#2, Jul 22 2009, 13:52:04) [GCC 4.3.2]
* PIL 1.1.6

The default Workflow
* ubify_publish_keep_private (Publish to Authenticated OR Keep Private)

As I understand I must add permissions to the anonymous role in the state "public" of this workflow so they can access to the site as anonymous visitors without having to log in to access content

Then check the "View" and "Access contents information" Permissions and later go to "Update security settings" on "Plone Workflow Tool at /cynin/portal_workflow" and wait... and not happens nothing :(

Can help me please?

See you around :D
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dhiraj Apr 06, 2010 10:02 AM
Hi macagua, 2.1 does not really support anonymous view - this feature came late in 3.x series.

Can't you upgrade the site and follow the anonymous tutorial, instead?
macagua Apr 06, 2010 04:06 PM
Really 2.1 does not really support anonymous view? in this moment i can't upgrade to 3.x site and follow the anonymous tutorial, because is necessary to publish this site with 2.1, and later to upgrade at the last version.

The reason is:
All users of the site (there are currently about 30) decided to choose this platform ( 2.1) and want to start using this version.

I do not understand this: Is it difficult to give anonymous access to 2.1 workflows?

Really needs 2.1 with anonymous access!!!
offray Apr 07, 2010 03:58 PM
I'm using 3.1 and despite of being a user of the 3.x series and never probing 2.1 I would think about what is on 2.1 that 3.1 doesn't offer and talk about this with the users of the site. I don't see any reason to put features in the previous versions that are in the next ones if the features that we want to keep are still in the new releases.