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sfmcfar Jan 24, 2010 11:44 PM
Hi. Could someone offer some advice in installing an existing Plone 3.x/Zope instance? I'm having trouble reconciling the buildout/bootstrap steps. Is there any way that could be packaged as an installable Zope Product/egg?

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dhiraj Jan 25, 2010 01:13 PM
Hi Stan, welcome to the Cynapse Community! :)

Well yeah, *can* theoretically be installed into an existing Plone 3.x but we don't normally have this as an actual use-case. Point is, the UI will take over most screens when you do this, so you might actually have some reduced functionality from your existing plone installation. Most notably, there's no "normal" add menu in - so your Plone content types would no longer be addable from UI. There are problems with standard(left and right slot portlets, among other potential issues as well.

Regarding reconciling the buildout/bootstrap steps - I am assuming that you followed the quickstart buildout procedure? ([…]/quickstart-buildout )

If you're facing problems getting your existing plone 3.x buildout to accept the devel products, it's probably because you might have added more products than the default, which are not available in the buildout.cfg. The only way you're going to figure out what's wrong is by comparing the appropriate sections of your installation's buildout.cfg and's packaged one.

I'd ask you to paste your buildout.cfg here, but since you seem quite aware of the way buildout works and appropriate terminology, I doubt there's some small mistake that can be fixed, easily. If you started from the Plone side of the buildout.cfg and added just the products, it will just about surely not work. I'd recommend starting from the buildout.cfg side, and adding your required other products into the appropriate sections. Perhaps you should consider approaching Cynapse support for a commercial solution for integrating your Plone + requirements?

Currently, due to the vast amount of dependencies we have with and the way the product is structured, it is not possible to package entire as a Python egg installable from PyPI. We are exploring the possibility of this, though, and perhaps in the future it may happen.

sfmcfar Jan 25, 2010 02:47 PM
Dhiraj, thaks very much. Compounding my problem is that I'm on the otehr side of a firewall, so all Plone/Zope dependencies have to be downloaded by our IT staff and placed on the filesystem - I can't connect to the Internet to download products. I'll keep investigating.


dhiraj Jan 25, 2010 03:08 PM
I see. That could be quite problematic, especially with the initial buildout phase. The number of downloads that the buildout does is quite high, the actual file size is relatively small.

I do wish there was some way for us to help you out with this, though. :(

One thing you can try (only if you reach the point of desperation, though) is to install a ISO CD and then dump paste the whole cached eggs, download-cache and downloads folders into your actual buildout folders from it, that way easy_install (used during buildout) can be made to not attempt to download them. You run your buildout with -N option to do this, it will operate in offline mode and try to remain happy with the pre-existing versions in the cache.
sfmcfar Jan 25, 2010 03:28 PM
Hi, unfortunately, paid support is not an option, but I understand your position. :) I'll try the ISO route. Thanks!