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migrationuser Oct 15, 2009 01:26 PM
Hey Dhiraj,

i got it working! thanks :)

I'm new to Plone and but did a some work with zope
i want to turn in to a Web2.0 application for social networks you know the
project better than anyone so do you have some ideas how to do this correctly?

Okey, and where i find the right directories with the sources? I think i have to spend
some time on Plone books. Would they help?

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migrationuser Oct 15, 2009 01:27 PM
Hi again snap,

A web 2.0 application for social networks. Hmmm.... very interesting. Tell us more. Stuff like:

1. What you've thought of - what will this application do? Features. Functionality. Uniqueness.
2. Target audience
3. Models: Delivery / Deployment. Revenue. Marketing.
4. Timelines
5. Budgets / Contributors

If you can drop a mail to devel at cynapse we can take this further in a quicker fashion. Put in as much detail as you can - the more you let us know about what you want to accomplish, the more we'll be able to help you.

Glad that you got the buildout working. :) It's your first step in the journey. All specific source code is in the src folder and then there's some stuff in the products folder as well. There are several products that make up, together.

Plone books: IMHO, there's no plone book better than Martin Aspeli's Professional plone development. This dives into detail in all the right places and requires reading, re-reading and then some more reading after that. :) And yes it will help you a lot with plone as well as, of course. As with all plone code, the actual code is really the best documentation, you have to open up the files and start reading to figure out what goes where - there is a lot of code in a lot of files.

Martin Aspeli: (optilude on #plone @ freenode)
Professional Plone Development:[…]/book

Dhiraj Gupta.