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varunvjoshi Mar 24, 2010 01:31 PM
Following queries need to be answered:
1. We do not want every user to add a file/space/wiki/audio rather only few should be given this privilege. Is it possible ?
2. How to create backup for entire cynapse ? (Backup of all files along with their links and abstract written)
3. How can sensitive information be managed only within few members from different departments? (I don't want one user in two groups)
4. How to keep a track on employees visiting portal/particular section of the portal so that according upgrades with respect to content can be made ? Is it possible to know which files are downloaded by employees ? (entire log)
5. How to block "Send This" link which is next to "subscribe by e-mail" in order to avoid knowledge loss. we do not want ALL the employee accessing the portal from external web. Only few can be given these rights.
6. Is it possible to paste codes available on internet and get display of end product? How to do it ? E.g. Crude oil cost which I submitted prior to this query post.
7. Can I add new blogpost in trial version ? It gives me error message when I try to do it
8. Once any file is uploaded on, is it possible that the uploaded file will contain the same change as introduced by some user in the root file ? (say I load excel sheet on, 2 days later I introduced some changes to the content and saved...will the new file be automatically taken by ?
9. Is it possible to remove "Save as" option from the files which are uploaded on
10. Is it possible for us to have "Instant messaging" with cynapse ?

Thank You
Varun Joshi
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dhiraj Mar 24, 2010 02:38 PM
Most of these things are already possible. Some require customization. Some others require implementation and settings configuration.

No.4 is currently not *directly* possible within, but you can track activity from Apache web access logs, or external tracker, etc.

Add new blog post should work, please post the error trace on your separate discussion that you've started.