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Evaluating at the academy of fine arts vienna


Hello, every 01!

I am Georg Gogo. BERNHARD. I've been playing with plone since i saw it being presentet 2002 at the EuroPython in Charleroi, Belgium. Now I am working at the ]a[ academy of fine arts vienna. I tweeted about our recent ambitions to test and @viraf asked me to share our experiences at the #cynapse community pages.

First I thought that there would be a lot to say about which problems we had and how we solved them, but it fact the whole procedure was pretty easy. We already have a ZEO-Cluster setup for the homepage ( and we re-used the infrastructure for

      web01     proxy01      lvs01      webXX      zeo01

                                        | .... |
    +--------+   +-------+   +------+   > zope <   +-----+
    |        |   |       |   |      | / |------| \ |     |
<---> apache <---> squid <---> ipvs <---> zope <---> zeo |
    |        |   |       |   |      | \ |------| / |     |
    +--------+   +-------+   +------+   > zope <   +-----+
                                        | .... |
     Virtualhost   Cache     Balancer   Servers    Storage

Our Team tested the Desktop and WebDAV, everything works pretty well. On Apple Computers we have to use Cyberduck for WebDAV, though; the Operating Systems implementation (Finder) does not work well. We also decided not to "roll out" the Desktop and WebDAV now, because we think it is too complicated for people to actually use it since they "see too many things" in their respective clients - it might be confusing for regular users. In our opinion downstripping is still key.

Language integration for German is not finished and we don't have the resources to complete it ourselves.

When we finally presented as a solution for collaboration we had excellent responses. People found it confusing at first sight [sic!] but then realized that it is easy to use since you'd only use some of its functions. We will definitively use it for two pilot projects now, one is a construction project for one of our buildings, the other project is internal communication in a department.

To sum things up: seems to be the solution we were looking for.

Comments (3)
apurva Feb 25, 2010 11:41 AM
Hey! Thanks for the excellent writeup and welcome aboard to the community!

A quick update: We have just made major improvements to the German translations in v3.1.1 (which is code complete and we are in the process of releasing it now.)
gogobd Feb 26, 2010 11:09 AM
That is very good to hear! Please inform us / me when the translations are released, we can test and debug them here!
dhiraj Mar 02, 2010 10:38 AM
It's already out! Check 3.1.1 bugfix release, it has the updated German translation. If you find any mistakes, please don't hesitate to point them out.
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