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gsiak May 24, 2010 05:31 PM
Hi team,
A few days ago I've installed 3.1.3 from ISO. Now I have tested WEBDAV access and I'm able to open directory and read existing files. But it is impossible to write files to the server. A popup appears ervery time I try to write a file asking for my credetials. Any Idea, what's going wrong?
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dhiraj May 24, 2010 08:12 PM
WebDAV is client support dependent. Try a dedicated WebDAV client, and use it like you would use FTP if necessary.
BitKinex works, it's free, for Windows.
What OS are you on, how did you setup your WebDAV?
gsiak May 25, 2010 11:10 AM
Hi Dhiraj, I've tried with buildin functions of Windows XP. But also BitKinex failed to create files or directories. This may be important: I also have a prob importing zip files and got message telling me, that I have no rights to upload. I've tested this as siteadmin.
dhiraj Jul 01, 2010 02:37 PM
guido: Are you trying to create *folders* over WebDAV? This is not supported!

You can only upload files. Also, when you get the error on the client side, or when Windows is repeatedly asking for login, check if an error is being logged on the server end.

To see log, you can either run the instance in foreground mode or you can cd to <buildoutfolder>/var/log and tail -f *.log
gsiak Jul 01, 2010 02:59 PM
Many THX for you hints. WIll try again..
xclones May 03, 2011 03:40 PM
can a user edit lets say an .doc file directly on Server with MS Office suites without downloading the file first?