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Demystifying the Spaces content workflow


We've been working on improving the buildout for developers (these changes are in SVN trunk right now). One of the coolest little products that we've found and included in the cynindevelop.cfg file is this one called rbco.wfdocumentator - it provides a nice display of the transition graph of the various states of a workflow. More importantly perhaps, it provides a tabular summary of all the states and permissions granted to various roles in each of the states. Permissions required to flow an object through a particular transition are also listed at the bottom.

Much easier than wading through the workflow.xml and rolemap.xml files to understand what's going on, I assure you. :)

Here's what the output for the Space Content workflow looks like:

Space Content Workflow chart

Instructions on what else is new with the cynindevelop.cfg based buildout and how to use it are coming soon.

Describes how the rbco.wfdocumentator tool can be used to generate easy-to-understand reports of the states and transitions of a particular workflow in
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