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Wiki Page user property fields

. User properties

The following properties are available on a user. Out of these some are for internal usage by only. Fields marked as AD mappable can be synchronized with Active Directory.


  • email - the user's email address. Required. AD mappable
  • portal_skin - internal
  • listed - internal
  • login_time - internal
  • last_login_time - internal
  • fullname - the user's full name / display name - AD mappable
  • error_log_update - internal
  • home_page - A URL field, used as user's personal home page - AD mappable
  • location - physical location of the user, used as "city,state,country". - AD mappable
  • description - A block of text used as user's biography - AD mappable
  • language - internal
  • ext_editor - internal
  • wysiwyg_editor - internal
  • visible_ids - internal
  • twitterusername - internal
  • twitterpassword - internal
  • designation - Job Title / Designation of user - AD mappable
  • phone_mobile - User's mobile phone number - AD mappable
  • phone_office - User's office landline number with extension - AD mappable
  • phone_home - User's home landline number - AD mappable
These fields are stored against each user and can be mapped and used as user properties
Comments (1)
huy0007 Sep 21, 2011 11:17 PM
I have followed the AD integration setup and map the 'AD mappble' fields such as phone_mobile, phone_office, etc... but they are not populated from AD. I am able to pull name from AD. I have cleared the cache and login again. Any idea why? How do I wire additional 'non-mappable' fields? Thank you.