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milajones Manage Portlets - Member Security Settings Problem.

I'm just about ready to start tearing my hair out - any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

I am using to create a collab portal for a dozen or so different organizations (they are all in the same industry, and are looking to share resources).

I have created 2 member groups for the first organizations to start testing - I'll call them group A and group B. Group B should only be able to only add/edit their own space, but can view content from both group A and B. Group A can do whatever they want, as they are the owners of the portal.

I created a test user account for group B. When I log in with a Group B account (member role), everything is fine until I get to group B's space. When I click on their space, I see the 'Manage Portlets' option available, as well as the Manage Space tab, with the ability to customize the space, and set the share settings. This is something only the site admins should be in control of. I played with every combination I could thing of in the group and role settings, and I can't figure out how to remove these permissions.

The main confusion is - what is the difference between edit and review? I can't find anything online.

Frustrated, I went into the Zope "/manage" area, and changed the security settings for Portlets:
Manage own portlets - checked managers
Portlets: Manage portlets - checked managers
Manage users - checked managers
Sharing page: Delegate roles - checked managers

It seems to have done nothing.... is anyone able to point me in the right direction for this? Thanks!!!

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