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migrationuser Hi guys

For some time I have my interest to collaborate in the process of internationalization and localization at the Spanish [0] which has been extended to the development and integration of new features that previously have described briefly the following post is [1], for which I have been working with version 2.1dev ( v2.1 source snapshot) dated 2008-11-24 16:27 published in the following link [2].

So in the spirit of promoting participation in the community, offering improvements initially propose two strategies:

1) Post from sourceforge SVN project source code and gives access a branch specifies at who can to cooperate and not the trunk (because I understand that the company "Cynapse" is always preventing the release of a version alpha untested, which could provide a low quality product) and that therefore the only source code repository is available to developers of the company "Cynapse".

2) Or importing the source code repository in the Plone Collective [3] and whoever wants to get write access to repository [4] will can do because both procedures are very well documented for Plone Community.

Propose for both strategies a SVN repository structure like this:
- branches/
- -> (internationalization and localization at the Spanish)
- tags/
- trunk/ -> ( v2.1 source snapshot - de fecha 2008-11-24 16:27)

So this way the development team can see the changes or improvements proposed by the community to the product

I propose this is because I want to help better the tool, is a excellent tool for me and also 'cause for to decentralize my effort the internationalization and testing / integration of new components that extend the functionality of the product for all community.

Then.... Start the discussion on this topic;)


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Nov 10, 2009 11:27 AM

migrationuser Hey Dhiraj,

i got it working! thanks :)

I'm new to Plone and but did a some work with zope
i want to turn in to a Web2.0 application for social networks you know the
project better than anyone so do you have some ideas how to do this correctly?

Okey, and where i find the right directories with the sources? I think i have to spend
some time on Plone books. Would they help?


Last workflowed by viraf
Nov 10, 2009 11:27 AM