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Unifying People and Knowledge
Welcome to the Cynapse Community

The Cynapse Community presents an ecosystem for users, developers, evangelists and open source enthusiasts to find resources, contribute and get involved to make a reliable, flexible and better quality Collaboration software.

Cynapse aspires to make easier to user, widen its capabilities by embracing and extending dominant technologies, integrating it strongly with other applications and building multiple user interfaces.

We believe we can achieve this goal, together.

In the true spirit of open source, we invite users, enthusiasts, developers from across the world to share ideas, provide feedback, evangelize to larger audiences and participate in making the world's best open source collaboration software.

Recent Items
Sandbox Area
 Here to evaluate
Head straight to the Sandbox area and play around. Create spaces, wikis, events etc. and get to know better. Users Community

The User Community Space provides you with a set of tools to learn more & contribute to


The Discussions Application View is an area to discuss usage, request for features & get community support.


Access community documentation to learn more about, see best practices and step-by-step guides.


Read what others are talking about across the web. If you have written about, add your link to the directory.

Image Gallery

See screenshots, mockups & other related images here. Add your site's screenshots to show your Space structure / customizations.

Video Library

Access short demo videos & tutorials in the video library. Create video tutorials and upload them here! Dev Community

Have experience with Plone, Zope, Python, Adobe AIR or have a passion for development? Jump in to the Developer Space.

Discuss development

Questions about development? Discuss them here.

Setup a Development Environment

The first time you set out to develop for, you will need to make sure you have the supporting environment setup.

Contribute and Extend

Different areas that you can contribute to and extend Take your pick.

Translate ships out of the box with translation in 43 languages. Contribute with translation in your own language.

Get SVN access

See the Contribution Process to commit to the SVN or request for a branch.